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Boosting Your Inner Power

We can all admit that sometimes we lack self-confidence and tend to lose faith in ourselves.

During times when we have to present ourselves to others, it can help to form a ‘power persona’ in order to put up a front and perform a different, more confident, version of yourself. Here are some tips to boost your inner power and cope better with self-doubt.

Once you set your mind on something, complete it

Indecisiveness can be triggered by anxiety. We doubt what’s right and wrong and can’t listen to individual thoughts. Getting out of this mentality is tough but will increase your inner power greatly. When in these constricting situations, ask yourself why you want to complete the task or activity. Did you originally want to? Will you achieve something? How will this help you grow? What’s the main reason you’re resisting? A great way to make these situations less painful is to set a time to decide whether you will do it or won’t, and stick to it. If it’s a no, then plan something else, move onto the next task that boosts your power. There’s no need to waste energy on things that aren’t important. 

Train your body

Exercise is a great tool to naturally feel powerful. It shows you’ve achieved something when you’re being spurred on by aches and pains and feeling your body change. This increases your energy and boosts positivity. Gaining strength in your body can be a great way to learn to love yourself. Working hard and seeing results is a good way of proving to yourself that you can achieve great things, even though it can be tough. 

Fashion’s got your back

Sometimes money can be tight, and not all of us can go out and buy a whole new wardrobe or powerful suit. The way around this is having staple items in your wardrobe that make you feel good. Whether it be blazers, wide leg trousers or a spaghetti strap summer dress – whatever makes you feel great is the way to feeling strong. Wearing something you love can also affect how others perceive you, as you will appear more confident when you love your look! 

'Working hard and seeing results is a good way of proving to yourself that you can achieve great things.'

Learn to be alone

During my time at University, I was consistently going from being surrounded by a group of loud friends to being alone in my quiet room. This huge contrast every day can be hard to adjust to, especially if you end up being on your own for a long time. Other people can be a great distraction from life and your own worries but learning to cope alone can change who you are as a person, and help you learn a lot about yourself. This is character building and can boost your self-confidence. In Vex King’s book ‘Good Vibes, Good Life’, King explains how gossip can be detrimental to you. Getting involved in other people’s drama is something that adds nothing to your life and can just lower your vibrations. 

All these techniques can help to ensure that you do deserve everything you get and give you the confidence to go for anything you dream of. Don’t forget – fake it till you make it.  


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