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Best Crystals for Halloween

Halloween is coming! It’s the perfect time to set intentions and do your own rituals for the future. Here are the best crystals for Halloween…

If, like me, you’re a crystal lover, you might find ways to insert them into your everyday life. They’re a little dash of beauty in the otherwise mundane world, and the mystical possibilities are exciting!  

What better time to play with them than Halloween, when the veil between our world and the next is said to be thin? I don’t mean conjuring up anything to do your bidding… But I do mean getting in touch with the power of your crystals and setting some intentions for the remainder of the year.  

I’ve covered some of the best crystals for Halloween that can help you set great intentions and follow through with them. This year, the moon will be waning during Halloween, which means it’s the perfect time to let things go and be open to new beginnings.  

How To Use Your Crystals

It’s great to have crystals, carry them with you, and marvel at their prettiness, but how do you actually use them? (I’m guessing if you’re here, you’re NOT one of those people who thinks crystals are wishy-washy, new-agey, hogwash and you’re planning on actually using them!)

So let’s do a quick overview of what you can and should actually do with them to give you the highest chance of getting results. You can have all of the best crystals for Halloween, but they’ll be more effective if you take these steps beforehand!  


Cleanse Them

Crystals pick up and hold onto energies from the environment around them. You wouldn’t pick up a dirty glass and fill it with clean water to drink from. The same is true for crystals… If you want to use them effectively, you need to cleanse them beforehand.

There are a few ways you can do this:

  • Leave them outdoors in the full moon (this may not work well since the closest full moon is October 9th!)
  • Bury them in soil (just remember to dig them up before Halloween!)
  • Sage them (just like you would get rid of negative energy in your home)
  • Place them with selenite (a white crystal that removes negative energies)

You can hold them under running water, but some crystals get damaged by water. You’ll need to know your crystals well to make sure you aren’t likely to hurt them.


Programme Them

This is the actual intention-setting step. Once your crystals are cleansed, they’re open vessels for you to programme with your specific intent.

Take a few minutes to do this quietly and calmly. There are actually many ways you can do this, but most involve some kind of visualisation. Find what works for you!

Begin by holding your crystal in your hand (do one at a time). You should already have an intention—make sure it’s short, sharp, and only one thing. eg.”be more patient”, “be more loving”, or “earn more money.”

Close your eyes and really try to feel the crystal. You might want to imagine that the crystal’s energy and yours are mixing, right there in your hand.

Once you feel connected to it, try any one of these that works for you.

  • Imagine the words of your intention floating right into the crystal and being absorbed. 
  • Feel how it would feel if your intention was true. Let this feeling build up and get absorbed into your crystal. 
  • Ask or tell the crystal to take on your intention. You can simply say “I programme you for…”, or “Please help me to…” 
  • Imagine your crystal filling up from the bottom with your intention, like water!



Activate Them

Once they’re programmed, you can now use that crystal in rituals and tap into the energy of the intention you’ve set.

Don’t forget this step! They can be programmed, but if you leave them sitting on your bedside table, all that energy is going to waste!

There are many ways you can actually use your crystal and activate that intention.

  • Meditate with it and focus on the intention it’s programmed for.
  • Wear your crystal as jewellery so it’s constantly sharing energy with you.
  • Immerse your crystal in your drinking water before you drink it—but make sure it’s not a water-soluble crystal first!
  • Place them inside your pillow.
  • Hold it and feel its energy mixing with yours.

Or, get creative and use them however you want, depending on your daily routines and rituals. Now for the part you’ve probably been waiting for—the best crystals for Halloween 2022!

Remember, this is a time of death and rebirth. During Halloween, it’s said that the veil is thin between worlds, but it’s also thin between you and your higher self. Now is the time to double down on your efforts to improve, because any intentions are likely to set in strongly!


This bright yellow crystal is connected to the solar plexus chakra—the seat of your willpower! Working with this stone at Halloween can be incredibly powerful as it’s a great way to solidify your willpower for the time ahead.

I like to work with this stone first during Halloween as strong willpower is a fantastic foundation for all the other workings you’re going to do. From there, setting intentions, working regularly with my crystals, and getting results just seems to happen more smoothly.

Its yellow shades also make it a very happy crystal. If your intentions include anything to do with more joy in your life, this is a great crystal to use. 

If you want to programme citrine for both willpower and happiness, I recommend using two separate pieces. One intention per piece for best results!


Carnelian is a fiery-looking stone. All that fire brings in new, feisty energy and creativity! If you’re into Halloween costumes or throwing parties, this stone can help you come up with something truly unique!

But if you’re setting long-term goals for creativity, this is a super one to choose. Those who do creative things for work—writing, designing, art, woodwork, etc—may find that new ideas flow more easily under the influence of carnelian.

This is my go-to stone when I’m struggling with writer’s block or feeling sluggish. It works well with the sacral chakra, the centre of creativity and sexuality, so if your Halloween plans include either of those, you’ll be good to go with this stone.


Planning on doing some true spooky stuff this Halloween? Amethyst is a must if you’re going to be doing anything that takes advantage of that thinner-than-usual veil.

Whether your plans include getting a tarot card reading (or doing your own), visiting a haunted house (because who doesn’t want to do that any time?), or astral travelling, you need to go into it prepared and protected!

Amethyst is associated with the third eye and crown chakras, which can help you to be more open to spiritual occurrences during this time. But it can also wrap you in a layer of protection while you’re doing these kinds of activities. 

Quick tip: If you feel unsafe at any time, visualise a bright purple energy emanating from your crystal and enveloping you.

Don’t get out of hand during Halloween trying witchy things! Whatever your plans are, do your research, prepare well, and make sure you’re well-protected.

Red Jasper

Red jasper is one of my favourite stones. It’s quite underrated, because it’s one of those “common” stones. It’s not as fancy as rare ones and it doesn’t have the most exciting metaphysical properties in comparison to some others. 

But it’s an incredibly grounding stone. Red jasper is linked to the base chakra, the one that governs your survival instincts and keeps you anchored in this world.

If you’re sensitive to energies and often feel overwhelmed during Halloween, this crystal can keep you grounded, settle uneasy feelings, and reduce the chance of being affected negatively by witchy energies.


Ah, my favourite! I love Labradorite for many reasons, one of which is its beauty. I happen to have a few stunning pieces that reflect the light in all directions, which makes it feel even more like the magical stone it truly is.

Labradorite is all about transformation. If your intentions include self-improvement, this is a great stone to work with. Keep it under your pillow to infuse your dreams with wonder or to help you on astral journeys. 

Wear it as jewellery to keep you closer to magic in your everyday life. Meditate with it to gain insights into your higher self or have amazing metaphysical experiences.

I almost forgot to mention the best part… It has protection properties too. So whatever your Labradorite is helping you with, it’ll keep you well-protected at the same time.

Bonus: Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is an amplifying stone. I like adding clear quartz to my own rituals with the intention to amplify my other stones’ workings—this gives them double the power!


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