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Being Productive In A World of Rules

To keep productivity flowing, here are some tipsRoutine, positivity, time off, and celebrating for your lockdown achievements.  

We have found ourselves, once again, unable to plan for our future. So, we plan for today. Nationwide, we have built resilience and creative thinking. Those yoga classes and iced coffee making didn’t go to waste, it just built your creativity. To keep productivity flowing, here are some tipsRoutine, positivity, time off, and celebrating for your lockdown achievements.  

Routine. Routine. Routine.

One of the most important things you can do with your days. This can be the beginning and end of productivity. We all talk about how our lives are on pause at the moment, but we can keep it flowing. Whether you wake up at 8am, make an acai bowl and matcha tea whilst telling Alexa to “play my Sunday morning playlist” or roll out of bed at 11am to a black coffee. Each routine is important. 

Of course, this isn’t the time for putting pressure on yourself. We can use this time to find new activities you enjoy. Even just wearing your favourite loungewear can be part of your routine. Channel your inner Cher from Clueless and choose those ‘fits wisely.  

It’s easy for people to tell you that they have a structured routine. Of course, we all have lazy days. Waking upabsolutely no motivation and spending all day watching Bridgerton or playing on Sims4. It’s important not to put yourself down for these days.  

The world isn’t expecting anyone to be their best in these times. Simply getting up and out of bed in the morning is enough.  

Have A Day Off

On the weekends or during the week, having time off allows your mind to relax and get creative. It gives you time to do the things you enjoy. Have a long bath, do a hair mask and give yourself some pastel pinks gel nails.   

Personally, I love watching people do their makeup. Jamie Genevieve, a Scottish Youtuber with 975k subscribers, has recently launched her new makeup brand VIEVE. Jamie explains her techniques perfectly. From application to the finished look, it’s beautiful. Her topics of conversation are light-hearted, but real. It’s ideal for a time out from the real world. 

It’s important to be mindful to yourself. Social media can play a big part to anxiety and pressures. Having a detox from your phone can be beneficial to reclaim your time and stay focused on your goals.  

Self-care is essential to feeling good about yourself during lockdown, especially in the winter months. Treat yourself to new skincarewarm showers and your favourite snacks 

Focus on Positives

The world is full off ‘no’s at the moment, for good reason. It’s time to use our innovative minds. The world is changing, nobody knows what we will be able to do in 3 months. Think about what we can do now.  

If you want to pursue a career in fashioncreate a blog, create outfits and showcase them on your social channels. Be fearless enough to know that in 4 months, you will have built an audience and achieved something in a pandemic. Social media skills are something that any employer will appreciate and these are skills that you can build at home.  

These positive habits are making us more creative. Our online portfolios are filled with new skills that can be transferred to any job interview. We have all found creative outlets such as new music and new films that benefit each of us 

Positives can be seen as short term and long term. Blue skies are a short-term positive, it’s something that uplifts your spirit, gives you inspiration to write, draw, work. The idea of being in a roof-top bar having cocktails with your friends, out for lunch at a small cosy café with your mum, or getting your dream job. These are some of the long-term positives. Take time to notice these things every day.  

If you are working towards something, just know that it will be worth it. When the time comes, we will be more ambitious and career driven than ever. 

'If you are working towards something, just know that it will be worth it.'

Small Rewards for Small Achievements

Well done for all the tough hits we have been given recently. We are all going through it, but it doesn’t take away from the individual success of getting through it.   

It can be exhausting to fight so hard for something and it not meet your expectations. Applying for jobs then being told you lack experience and ‘aren’t what they’re looking for’, even though you know you’d work incredibly hard in that job. These knockbacks are an experience that benefits us all. It builds courage, bravery and resilience.  

The days will begin to get lighter and warmer this February. Couch to 5K, an app created by the NHS, claims to get you running 5k in 9 weeks. Each week will increase the amount of time you are running. For example, in the first week you run for 60 seconds, then quick walk for 90 seconds. If you aren’t a natural runner or haven’t run in months, this is the app for you.  

Getting outside could give you the inspiration you need for that essay or to release those endorphins to better your day.  

Adapted to New Locations

Lots of people in the UK have had to adapt to new locations, whilst having to work in a new environment. As well as being around new people constantly. It could be the opposite, some of you may live alone. This can be tough, especially for the ones who can’t see loved ones. These worldly happenings are unprecedented, something none have us have experienced before. 

Although some of us may be in new locations, we can still stay in contact with our friends and family. Yes, the zoom quizzes may have been left in 2020, this doesn’t mean you can’t stay connected to the people around you.  


This lockdown has been the hardest for most, the dark nights and poor weather can bring us down. There’s still so much excitement in the world, we are each part of it. It’s important to look for the rainbow behind the clouds.  


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