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Beach Reads

Summer has arrived! The perfect time to jet off to foregin beaches, party the night away and get that perfect summer tan! But why not soak up that vitamin D with an enticing new beach-ready read? 

From the author of the best-selling The Song of Achilles, Galatea has finally been released in a stunning new hardback format. Hardcore fans of hers might have already come across the digital version when it was initially published online but now it can take pride and place on your physical  bookshelf. This short retelling of the tale of Galatea and Pygmalion is ideal for when you don’t have all day to commit to reading and for those who are hooked on the recent surge in retellings.

This was a fan favourite last summer! For those who missed out, You and Me on Vacation follows Poppy and Alex who have taken a holiday together for the past 12 years, until last year it all went wrong. Can one last trip save their friendship? This hilarious yet tender love story is definitely one to add to the list if you missed out last year. I might even re-read it this summer…

The enemies to lovers trope but rather than the typical fantasy setting, this battle takes place in the office. Lucy and Joshua sit across from each other every day and they hate each other. Like really really hate each other. But they prove that a strong emotion like hate can easily flip into a strong romantic connection as they go head to head to secure a job promotion.


A classic that I’m sure we’ve all come across at some point. Elizabeth Bennet meets Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy, and instantly finds him to be arrogant and conceited. But as the story unfolds it gets us to revisit how we judge first impressions as well as giving us an insight into middle class life back in the late 1700’s.


Another fan favourite! It’s not everyday that you and someone you hate have to pretend to be newlyweds. The bridge and groom come down with food posisoning and instead of wasting their money, offer the all-expenses-paid honeymoon to Olive and Ethan. How will Olive keep this all together when she has to play romantic with Ethan?

This book was only released last month from the bestselling author of Queenie. We can’t choose our family but if Dimple did have a choice, she would not be a Pennington. Her five half-siblings that she barely knows come crashing back into her life as they are forced to connect with their absent father. Dimple’s life has shrunk to the size of her phone screen and while we aren’t all influencers like Dimple, I feel a lot of us can relate to that.

Time travel seems more than a bit far away from our reality, so let’s bring it to something we all know and love – a coffee shop! In this story, we follow four different visitors who all need to take a step back in order to move forward. But time travel is always risky; in this case the customers must sit in a particular seat, stay in the cafe, and return to the present before the coffee gets cold. What would you change if you could travel back to the past? Who would you want to meet one last time?

There is no such thing as a perfect family and Ruby knows it. But the last thing she expects when she takes on the role of looking after the England family’s children is to be reminded of this. I mean, who would want to be reminded of their own demons?  


Some of us don’t want to read the same vacation romance stories while on vacation. We want something different…something thrilling. This short yet heartbreaking thriller set in the late 1900’s is set in a midwestern strip-tease club where Samantha decides to take home a new dancer only to be run off the road. The twist? There’s only one body. I’ll defintely be reading this one after loving the authors other books – The Midnight Lie & The Hollow Heart.    

Another one for those who are looking for something a bit more thrilling to read by the sand. Two art students – Zoe and Hailey – decide to rent an apartment from a well-known thriller writer, Beatrice Becks. They enjoy the Berlin club scenes until they have an inkling feeling that they are being watched…in their own apartment…by Beatrice. But instead of getting scared and running away, they decide to twist their own narrative…


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