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3 May

Be Mindful of National Garden Meditation Day

Walk into your garden. Take a seat and take a deep breath; as National Garden Meditation Day is the perfect time for a refreshing, well overdue, mental reboot. We’re a few months into self-isolation, so what better time to start your mindfulness journey than now. 

Being around flourishing nature and in the fresh crisp air can make each breath through meditation so much purer and more relaxing. Everything feels so much clearer being out in refreshing air – it’s the perfect way to clear your mind of any negative thoughts. 

Meditation? But isn’t that just some silly thing hippies do? Absolutely not. Adding meditation to your morning routine has been scientifically proven to change your life. Yes seriously! As someone who used to think it was all bogus, I cannot stress enough the positive impact meditation has had on me.  Exploring this annual day could be the start of your mindful journey! 

Surrounding yourself with nature is proven to help relax our minds, so where better to meditate than in our gardens? Being in a safe and private space will help you unravel your thoughts and reconnect with your inner self. Meditating allows us to observe our thinking/thought process, completely unwind and take control of our mindwhich as we all know can be a busy place sometimes. Let’s think of it like this, you wouldn’t leave the house without brushing your teeth so why would you leave the house with an unclean mind ready to take on the day?  

Meditation allows us to be more mindful and present during our day. Having the ability to be fully present in any moment relieves us off any stress or sadness, whilst also increasing our focus. It allows us to take a step out of the constant stream of thinking. Its also incredibly useful for anyone struggling with mental illness, as it allows you to stop overthinking and take control of your thoughts!   

Rochelle Fox, a meditation teacher and influencer has her own kind of affirmation… ‘Don’t be your brains bitch’ teaches us to be in control of our mind, as we create our own reality through our perception. 

It’s time to be the one in power of your thoughts, listen to Rochelle, you are not your brains bitch! 

It’s time that we all start living and being more present in each moment.  

So, are you going to use this National Garden Meditation Day to become the best version of yourself? I mean, there really is no better time than now, to consider what you can do for your mental wellbeing. All you really need is your garden or a open space (with no one around) to explore… 


Georgia Leigh Rhodes
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