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26 Feb

Balancing Motherhood as a Full Time Influencer

It’s not often you get an opportunity to share snippets of your world and give others a glimpse into your lifestyle. I am very excited to be able to share with you all a bit about me and how I juggle life as a young, millennial mum and a full-time influencer.

My name is Liv, I am twenty-four years old and a mum to Reggie, who is two. I started my Instagram as a hobby about four years ago and never expected to get anything from it. It was a hub for all the things I loved and wanted to share with others. Two years down the line, in 2018, I got offered my first paid job as an influencer. I was undeniably over the moon. This opened up so many horizons for me, as I realised my work was being appreciated by brands and they were willing to pay me to create content for them.

I’d given birth at this point so I was lucky enough have the energy to be able to push my Instagram and Blog, whilst still being on Maternity leave. In effect, I was just being paid for my time.

My first steps in becomign a full-time influencer (by the way, I much prefer the term ‘Content Creator’) were as follows:

I began by drafting up a more professional email, however, I always kept them chatty and friendly – it makes them personal yet relatable and nobody likes dealing with robots. I then created a media pack, which in hindsight was a slight waste of time… In the two years that I’ve been working with brands, I’ve only been asked a handful of times for it and still got away with not sending one. As long as you have an idea of your social stats then you should be fine. I then drew my attention to LinkedIn, Instgram brand profiles, the ‘Meet The Team’ and ‘Contact’ pages on websites, I had a good old stalk. I spent hours on end digging around in order to create a spreadsheet full of personal emails and this in my opinion, is the most important part. It’s so so important to do your research and find the people behind the computer, they’re the ones that’ll help you in the long run. It’s then all about fiting across copious amounts emails for the first few months, to get your name out there. Time and hard work is of the essence.

Balancing work life with real life is much harder than I ever imagined. The social world is inredibly absorbing and addictive. It’s taken me a couple of years to realise how much it may jeopardise the more important things in life, which is why it’s so important to keep them seperate. I have finally come up with a content creator work plan, to mould it more into a job rather than a lifestyle because at the end of the day, Family and Friends are so much more important than likes and you don’t want to lose sight of that.

My son goes to pre-school every Monday and Thursday afternoon, so this is my time to do paperwork and emails I have a solid three-hour window to focus on me and try to bring in new jobs. If all the housework is done, I also have a small window to create content whilst he naps during the day. This is the most convenient time to create flatlays and product shots, as I don’t have to leave the house and usually don’t need anyone else to take the images. Once he’s settled in bed, I will do work for an hour or two, usually editing photos and engaging with other accounts. I plan to create content every other weekend, meaning I take a suitcase of 3/4 outfits out so ensure I have content for the week ahead.

There is so much to juggle: being a stay at home ‘working’ mum, on top of being the best mum I can to Reggie,  generating enough income, keeping the house tidy and maintaining a social life.

And breathe. 

I feel as though 2020 is the year to create a healthy balance, to organise my time more effectively. I would love to hear how find a healthy work-life balance: lifestyle, socialising, housework and all the things that come with being a millennial mum in the twenty first century.

Olivia Butler
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