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At Home DIY Cocktail Kits

This World Cocktail Day, we’re becoming master mixologists from the comfort of our own homes, and you can, too.

World Cocktail Day is a global celebration of the day the first cocktail definition was published. Over the years we’ve developed favourites, classics, and crazy new recipes using weird and wonderful ingredients. This World Cocktail Day, we’re becoming master mixologists from the comfort of our own homes, and you can, too. Welcome to our list of DIY cocktail kits! 

The Masterclass

Everything you need to make some amazing cocktails, including the teacher! When you buy a Jim and Tonic set, you can sign up for their virtual masterclass for free to discover how to use your kit like a pro. You’ll make four cocktails, and can buy all the equipment needed to ensure you’re ready to sharpen your skills. Perfect for date nights, family bonding, or fun with your friends.  

Home Cocktail Making Masterclass Set with Equipment, £69, Jim and Tonic 

The Alcohol-Free

Just because you don’t drink alcohol, doesn’t mean you can’t join in! Cocktail Lab also has a range of mocktails that they describe as a healthier treat. I love the puns and play-on words like EsspresNO Martini, and Cuddles On The Beach. They have vegan-friendly options and lots of different flavours to try, and they all look mouth-watering. 

Cuddles On The Beach, £29.50, Cocktail Lab 

The Subscription

If you can’t get enough of a good cocktail, give yourself a monthly treat by buying into a subscription service. It’s a great way to try out new recipes and ingredients, push you out of your comfort zone, and find something new to love. Muddlebox offers a range of cocktail subscriptions that you can personalise to your taste, the frequency you want to receive them, and the number of people it’s for.  

Cocktail subscription, price varies, Muddlebox 

The Colour Changing Gin

One thing I miss about cocktail bars is the atmosphere, and how the bartenders would always put on a bit of a show. Whether you want to try being the star yourself, or simply want to be amazed, try this colour changing gin kit. The blue pea flowers change the gin from a purply-blue to pink before your eyes. Super easy to try, very affordable, and with magical results. 

Colour Changing Gin Kit, £7.99, Sandy Leaf Farm  

The Champagne Lifestyle, Prosecco Budget

If you love to add a little bit of luxury to your life, but are finding yourself slightly short on funds right now, Fortnum and Mason have developed a Bellini Box that is surprisingly affordable. Perfect to snap-and-share on your socials, the kit comes in the iconic blue F&M box with branded prosecco and a bottle of peach nectar. If that’s not for you, try one of their Spirits Pairings, available in a variety of flavours. Delicious.  

The Bellini Box, £33.50, Fortnum & Mason  

The Actual Champagne Lifestyle

Do you need something to see you through the next few months? Harvey Nichols have created an enormous Cocktail Cabinet Hamper with everything from spirits, to liqueurs, to mixers, to snacks. They urge you to get creative and try a variety of different combinations, and there really is something for everyone. Let’s be honest, with this kit you’ve basically bought yourself a bar, great for a household with a range of tastes. 

Cocktail Cabinet Hamper, £299, Harvey Nichols 

The Equipment Kit

Fancy making your own recipes, but need the tools to get you there? I love this cocktail shaker set with a revolving bamboo stand, it’s super easy to use and looks great. The products are stainless steel and dishwasher safe, and it comes with a little recipe book for you to get lots of inspiration and hone your skills.  

12 Piece Bartender Kit with Revolving Bamboo Stand, £26.99, Kostlich 

Whether you’re a cocktail or a mocktail kind of person, you definitely deserve a midweek treat. Why not get together with friends over video chat and share your favourite cocktail recipes, or take it in turn to teach a master class?  


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