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An Aesthetic Guide To Organising Your Kitchen

 If you’re on Tik-Tok, Instagram, or anything that requires a screen, you’ll have been subjected to the “That Girl” guide to a perfect home. It might look unachievable, but don’t be disheartened. All it takes to achieve this clean, neutral palette is a few clever storage pieces and some stylish finishing touches.  


We’ve put together an essential shopping list for achieving an aesthetic and organised kitchen.  

Glass Storage Jars

For a truly aesthetic home, the first step to decluttering your cupboards is through purchasing the right storage. These air-tight glass containers from Amazon are perfect as you can choose the quantity you want in the sizes that suit your space. Not only are they dishwasher safe, but they will keep your food fresh for as long as possible.  


Perfect for dried pastas, lentils, beans, and spices, these glass jars will look uniform and clean lined up on your shelf. Gone are the days of half-ripped wrappers and packets – these jars are spillage-proof. Best of all, you can help the environment by finding self-serve dry food dispensers at your local supermarkets and avoid using unnecessary packaging altogether.  


Spice Rack

This one may take a little love and patience, but the end result is definitely worth it. This spice rack set comes with 24 empty spice jars, spice labels, a chalk marker and even a funnel, so you can neatly deposit all of your spices from their packets into these reusable jars.  


Keep it on display on your countertop or fix it to the wall, you’ll never be ashamed of the state of your spices again. For a trendy kitchen, this one is a must.  


Wooden Storage Box

If you’re striving for a classic kitchen aesthetic, then neutral tones and natural fabrics are the best places to start. These storage boxes from H&M are made of mango wood, and come in beige or dark brown. With handles on either side, these strong and sturdy boxes will last for years and make the perfect containers for your cupboard staples.  


Need a little organisation outside of the kitchen? They also work as excellent storage for clothing and shoes, so place them either in your wardrobe or a hallway cupboard to maximise the space and keep things tidy.  


Neutral Tablecloth

While natural colours provide a great foundation for an aesthetic kitchen, it wouldn’t be sustainable (or affordable!) to completely discard and replace our furniture to suit the latest trend.  


But there are subtle ways you can adapt your current furniture to suit a new colour palette, and a tablecloth is a great place to start. If you prefer a more colourful kitchen, opt for a pop of geometric pattern to brighten up the space. If you’re trying to curate a calm and classic aesthetic, then this washed linen tablecloth from H&M is an affordable and long-lasting piece that will instantly warm up a space. Plus, it comes in a range of peaceful shades.  


An Oak Chopping Board

While this piece requires a slightly bigger budget, like a fine wine, it will only improve with age and use. This oak wood chopping board from John Lewis will see you through plenty of dinner parties, culinary successes and kitchen disasters. Strong, sturdy and effortlessly chic, it completely ties a kitchen together. There’s no need to put this piece away – you can leave it out as a stylish feature in your kitchen.  


If you don’t spend much time in front of the oven, then use it as a centrepiece to your dining room table, or to serve cocktails to your guests on a Friday night. However you use it, this chopping board is an essential piece to a timeless kitchen.  


The best part? John Lewis have used FSC-Certified wood to create this kitchen staple, so you can shop sustainably.  


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