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30 Jun

Accounts to Follow for Social Media Day

Social media can be either really great or really toxic, depending on how you use it. It can be a great way of keeping up with celebrity’s, following the latest trends, connect with people globally and keeping in touch with friends who we are currently, unable to see.  

However, social media is knowto have damaging effects on some peoples’ mental health. If you are seeing what your friends are doing every day on social media, it can cause you to forget to check in on them and see how they are actually doing – all because assumed they were fine from what you have seen on InstagramFollowing the rise in the influencer industryhaving gorgeous individuals everywhere you look on Instagram, can often cause issues with self-esteem. It can create doubt in your mind about things in your personal life.  

What you must remember is that Instagram is a highlight reel, people showing off all the best bits of their lives. That’s what social media is about, sharing moments with people who are interested, connecting with others, learning, creating; there are so many opportunities in social media, you just have to protect yourself when using it.  

Influencers and celebrities will also have down days and personal insecurities, but some may simply choose not to show them. If someone makes you feel awful about yourself then unfollow them. This is the easiest way to protect yourself and control your anxieties going crazy with self-doubt. If you feel bad about unfollowing someone or just want to see less of them, then you can always mute their account. 

I want to share some of my favourite people to follow on Instagram; some of the many accounts that use this platform to share positivity and empower others: 

@lucygann – the editing and filters she uses on her photos are to die for and she always accompanies her photos with a meaningful caption, which is always lovely to take a moment to stop and read. 
@thegoodquote – the username speaks for itself! This is another page that is all about inspirational quotes and advice. You best believe I have almost every single post saved or screenshotted! Great for when you need a little pick me up.  
@aliceoliviac – she is the true minimalist style queen! Her pictures and outfits are always incredible and give so much inspiration our lockdown fits! 
@themantraco – not everything on instagram is fashion/blogger orientated. This account is great to follow for some feel good, motivational quotes and also some really relatable horoscope posts – if you’re into that kind of thing!  
@inthefrow – one of the first influencers to establish themselves in the industry, this multi awardwinning fashion blogger gives all the luxe inspiration, alongside the newest designer must haves and how to dress so elegantly. She’s definitely worth a follow!  
Lily Hall

I’m Lily, a 21-year-old Fashion Marketing student based in Leeds. My main obsession is fashion, but I also love writing about beauty, skincare and lifestyle too! My favourite things to do are reading and spending time with my dog, boyfriend and family! Make sure to follow my Instagram to see more of me…

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