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A-Z of Summer Activities

There are so many amazing activities to do in the summer, but this year let’s really make the most of it. Whether you want to try something different or just need some inspiration, here is an A-Z list of the best summer activities. 

a-z of what to do this summer
afternoon tea

A is for:  

Trying that Art Project you always wanted to do, or perhaps an Afternoon Tea with your favourite people (virtually or physically).  

is for: 

We all love a Barbeque in summer, or why not Bake a new recipe? If you’re more active, get on your Bike and explore.  

is for:  

Whipping up some new Cocktail Recipes and finding your signature drinkor going Camping, even if it’s in your back garden. 

is for: 

Dancing! If you’re looking for a calmer affair, host a Dinner Party for guests or roommates, or visit a DriveIn Movie. 

is for:  

Doing some Exercise, in a class or on your own, keeping fit will raise your endorphins. You could also Explore a new place in your hometown or further afield.  

F is for:  

Going to or creating your own Festival, visiting a Farm, or trying new Food that you’ve always been curious about. 

is for: 

Gardening, whether you’re creating a beautiful outdoor space or sprucing up your interiors. You can also try Geocaching to find hidden treasures. 

is for: 

Going for a Hike in new territory or around your favourite spots, or Horse Riding at the local stables. 

I is for: 

Eating lots of Ice Cream, or maybe trying to make your own. Even though it’s summer, cool off by Ice Skating.  

glass of lemonade with straw

is for: 

Treating yourself to some Junk Food, relaxing in a Jacuzzi, and trying your hand at making some Jam. 

is for: 

Treating everyone to your signature song on Karaoke, and reminiscing your childhood by Kite Flying. 

is for:  

Making your own Lemonade, or even Limoncello if you fancy something stronger. 

is for: 

Visiting a local Market to sample different foods and support small businesses. Winding down and having some you-time with Meditation, and dialling up the fun with Mini-Golf. 

is for: 

Discovering the wonders of Britain’s beautiful National Parks and getting back into Nature. 

is for: 

Going on a day trip to the Ocean and enjoy the salty sea air! 

is for: 

Putting up a Paddling Pool and dipping your feet, heading out for a Picnicor letting your creative side flow through Painting. Remember to take lots of Photos. 

girl with a map on road trip

is for:  

Hear us out, we still love a Quiz. Try some unique rounds or make it personalised with funny moments from your lives. 

R is for:  

Taking a Road Trip, whether its somewhere you’ve never been or somewhere you’re desperate to go back to. 

S is for: 

Heading to the fields to go Strawberry Picking, or making the most of the evening by watching the Sunset followed by Star Gazing. 

is for:  

Enjoying the sunshine and Tanning, but don’t forget to protect your skin with sun cream. Thrill-seekers could also visit a Theme Park. 

is for:  

Upcycling your old possessions into something you love, or as a gift for someone else.  

is for: 

Indulging your sustainability-conscious side through Vintage Shopping for clothes or home wear. 

W is for: 

Embracing your fun side with a Water Fight, or doing a sophisticated Wine or Whisky tasting. 

strawberry picking

is for:  

X Marks The Spot … Scavenger Hunt! Plan your own for your pals or find one online to follow together. 

is for: 

Chilling out with a Yoga class, or organising your life and hosting a Yard Sale to help your old possessions find new homes. 

Z is for: 

Examining your Zodiac Chart and finally discovering what sun and moon signs are. 


So, is this your new summer bucket list? No matter your budget, you deserve to have the time of your life. We hope you’ve got lots of inspiration.  


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