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A Home Workout For Your Skin

We’ve got the ultimate at home workout, for your skin. Yep, you heard us… 

BRAND COLLABORATION: Created in partnership with BeGlow.

Everyone is coping with isolation in very different ways and that’s ok. Some people are doing everything on their quarantine to-do list, from DIY and meditating to learning new recipes and exercising, yet others can’t even find a pen. Let’s get one thing straight, there is no right or wrong way to cope in the current climate.  

The most important thing amongst the current chaos, is self-love, something that will stay with you once all of this is over. Finding time to do little things for YOU. Whether that’s a skincare routine, or reading a book. There’s no right or wrong way to look after yourself. If exercise isn’t near the top of your list, we’ve got another workout alternative. As part of our Cohorted Cult #StayHome series, we’ve got the ultimate at home workout, for your skin. Yep, you heard us… 

Introducing innovative skincare brand BeGlow and their all-in-one sonic skincare system, designed to effectively cleanse, lift and tone the appearance of skin. Offering next generation skincare and an eco-friendly alternative to cleansing, the TIA and PURA devices are kinder to the skin than daily disposable wipes and cotton pads. Think of it as a long-term investment, reducing your waste in makeup wipes, cotton pads and flannels. Gentle enough for twice-daily use due to a lower sonic frequency than similar devices, these gadgets are hiding a secret that lets you be kinder to the environment and to your skin.  


All BeGlow products have Smart SkinSense Pulsation Technology using gentle, yet powerful pulsations, removing impurities and makeup more effectively. Created by tech and skincare experts, the objective was to create a 100% hygienic, effective, sonic-cleansing brush and we think they’ve done just thatSilicone is believed to effectively resist bacteria build-up, making it the optimal choice of material for a cleansing device. The washable and replaceable hygienic silicone brush heads are just a few reasons as to why electric cleansers, are revolutionising the skincare industry. We couldn’t wait to get our hands on one!  

This is where things get exciting. The TIA design also comes with an anti-ageing titanium applicator, which can be used to cool and calm the skin, improve circulation and aids product absorption. Their unique 200Hz frequency pulse helps to improve blood circulation, cell vitality and oxygen absorption through its curved surface.  


Described by Brand Ambassador and Skincare Expert Danielle Hudson as a HIIT workout for your face, you’ll never go back to life before an electric cleanser. BeGlow TIA has a third function: dual pulse technology, which helps with facial contouring by lifting and sculpting targeted areas of the face. “Exercised muscles become toned muscles and toned facial muscles result in a lifted, more youthful appearance” says Danielle.  

So if traditional HIIT workouts aren’t really your thing, then what better time than now to consider and invest in a BeGlow TIA Sonic Skincare System? 




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