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14 Feb

A Guide to The Perfect Galentines

The perfect Galentines night in! There’s nothing better than celebrating Valentine’s with my girls, even though I’m married… Oops. It’s just the perfect excuse to get the girls together and appreciate one another. Not all my friends are in relationships, so it’s nice to distract the ones that aren’t.

This year, we’re opting for the ultimate girls night in. I’m hosting and I’m so excited, it’s going to be such a fun evening! Who said Valentine’s is just for lovers?!

Decorations will make or break a venue. For me, they are massive. I love making somewhere look extra special, cute and in theme for the relevant celebration. No one is expecting a 5* date situation, the Pound shop do the best little decorations, plates, cups and trinkets, helping to create the perfect Galentines atmosphere.

For food, I’ve planned to cook a variety of tapas style dishes, different foods that we can pick at and share between us. It makes things easier on the night and takes the stress of cooking for a group of you. Pair the tapas with lots of yummy treats and you’re well on your way! Another great idea is to suggest everyone brings a plate each and that way, you have a huge variety and the stress and costs are off you a bit.

To drink, I had to do some funky cocktails. My go-to for a homemade cocktail has to be Candy Floss, Prosecco and Gin, topped with lemonade. It’s SO good and such a fun one to make. There are so many online, homemade recipies that you can find for inspiration, or if you’re feeling super cheeky, hire a sexy bartender who will make drinks for you all night. Why not?

And what would a girls night be without a pamper? We will be getting the foot spa out, doing facemasks, nails and chilling while watching films and gossiping. This is the life.

This isn’t to say that Valentine’s will be amazing for everyone. We know that it can be a tough time of year for some people, making them feel lonely and unloved.

Don’t forget to check on those around you, the ones you love everyday of the year.

Remember, Valentine’s is only a bit of fun, don’t let it get to you.

I hope this has given you a little guide for what to do with your gal pals this Galentines! x

Saffron Baker

Hey Angel, I’m Saffron Baker a 27-year-old Mum & Wife to two monkeys (boys 6 & 4) I am a Blogger, Content Creator and Free-lance writer from home around my little tribe, it’s my passion and keeps my creative brain satisfied. Iced Coffee is the way to my heart! I love chatting all things Beauty, Lifestyle, home renos/ decor and parenting! Hugely into the whole raw, no filter approach to social media. You will normally see me on my Instagram stories, in my PJ's hair on top of my head, no makeup talking about the highs and lows of life and my new obsessions. I just love a good natter and connecting with other like minded galls.

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