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A Guide To Sticking To Diet & Fitness Resolutions

Here are some key steps to make sure the January diet becomes a lifestyle change for all the other Januarys to follow 

It’s that time again ladies and gents. The doom and gloom of January has graced us with its misery once again. The rebirth of the yo-yo diets is spreading fast and thick, from keto to weightwatchers and 5:2 to intermediate fasting. How many do we try and evidently fail our New Year’s resolutions? There are some key steps to make sure the January diet becomes a lifestyle change for all the other Januarys to follow 


The fail suit of many attempting to get on board the weight loss train after the Christmas indulgence is often the failure to get started. The well-known return to ‘I’ll start on Monday’ followed by a weekend of filling up 75 leftover quality streets and the remaining 3 bottles of red wine before Monday actually comes around tends to become a more regular habit than many of us would like it to be. The solution? Once that resolution is made, get on it ASAP. There’s no better time than the present moment and the faster you get into those better habits, the more likely you will be to continue them going forward.  

Make it a lifestyle change, not a quick fix

Another key problem with the stereotypical January diet resolutions is that often they are very unsustainable. They tend to lead to significant weight loss for a short period all the while we are sticking to an insanely strict diet. But as soon as we reach our goals and go back to our ‘normal’ diets, the pounds come piling back on. Sometimes even more than there was pre-diet. We’ve got to think sustainable. And sensible. 

As exciting as that sounds, quick fixes are never the answer. Instead, try gradually decreasing calories and choosing to fuel your body with the nutrients it really needs whilst still getting enjoyment out of life in the process. Check out my previous article on macronutrients to learn a bit more about the most sustainable way to reach your fat loss goals. 

'Try gradually decreasing calories and choosing to fuel your body with the nutrients it really needs"

Just MOVE your body – you won’t regret it.

I know you’re probably thinking achieving your fitness goals will immediately mean needing to slave in the gym for 2 hours, 6/7 days a week. But the truth is, if you’re going to stick to these health habits (and I mean really stick to them), it’s got to be sustainable. Committing to an insane fitness regime when you absolutely detest the gym is really not the answer there. The solution though, is very, very simple. Find something you love and that you can stick to. There are a whole host of classes, activities, sports and hobbies that you can pick up that will all involve getting your body active and moving which is really all you need. Why not give horse-riding a go? Or have a dip in your local pool a few days a week? Or even get cleaning – did you know you can burn over 100 calories every 30 minutes just from doing a bit of housework? 

So, there we have, three top tips to ensure your January jogger phase lasts a lifetime, not just a few weeks. Let’s get seeing those long-term results!  


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