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A Guide To Setting New Year's Goals

We know it can seem overwhelming when it comes to setting New Year goals.  That’s why we have created a guide to make it just a little easier…

Choosing your goals

With goal writing there’s always a need to make those goals far too ambitious and unattainable. That’s not to say that ambitious goals can’t be done, but I know from first-hand experience that there’s a difference between a goal that is plausible and one that is just far out of reach. I tend to tackle goal writing in a couple of ways, choosing a handful that are easier than others, and then one or two ambitious ones as those ambitious ones will be the ones that drive you, but the handful of easier ones will be the ones that keep you motivated and feel accomplished.  

Sharing your goals

Once you’ve shared them, they are out there. Whether that’s on your blog, on your socials or with one of your friends or your family, it means that you have people behind you who can help you along the way with those goals. If your goal is, for example; to save X amount of money, it means that your friends and family understand that in the year ahead you’re going to be more careful with money and that they can be pre-empted in advance. You may also find other people who have similar goals and that you’re able to work together and share tips on how you’re tackling your goals as well.  

Plan Ahead

Once you’ve set your goals it’s a good idea to have a think about when and how you’re going to complete them and come up with tangible steps that you’ll be taking. For example, one of my goals was to read different book genres this year. How I did this was to join a book club and research new books/genres. I would purchase books a couple of months in advance and lay out which ones I would tackle next, that way I wouldn’t be drawn to purchasing the same rotation of chic-lit crime/thriller books.  

'Once you’ve set your goals it’s a good idea to have a think about when and how you’re going to complete them.'

Plot your progress

You’ll know it when you’ve completed a goal but having an evident way of tracking your progress makes the accomplishment so much more fulfilling. For example, with my reading goal, I downloaded the Good Reads app which means I can track and monitor the books I’ve read this year. Whether you do it on an excel grid, or even in a simple notebook, or on the note’s app on your phone, there’s truly nothing better than being able to have that ta-da moment of ticking off your goal. There are lots of apps including GoalsOnTrack and Lifetick 

Don’t Get Disheartened 

Most importantly, don’t feel let down when you aren’t able to complete a goal. Some goals take longer to complete than you initially thought. And of course, life gets in the way. Many people’s goals this year would have taken a complete U-turn. Setting goals isn’t meant to be easy, it’s meant to drive you and you need to remind yourself that no matter the progress big or small, it’s still progress.  


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