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4 May

A Guide to Home Workouts in Lockdown

I know you’re probably sick of hearing it, but doing exercise does come with massive health benefits, both physically and mentally – which is well needed, especially in the current climate. If you’re looking to get active whilst you #StayHome, then look no further. I have tried numerous home workouts over the last month, but I wanted to share with you the ones I found most enjoyable and beneficial…

MOVE by Meg: 

Now more than ever, is the perfect time to support our local and independent brands. MOVE by Meg is a fitness brand ran by personal trainer Meg Fynn, known for building ‘peachy’ bums. Meg started up her business when she realised ‘so many women were needing guidance in a ‘fitness world’ of misleading, false claims about diet and exercise’. Pre-lockdown, Meg ran female-only fitness classes that moved away from the traditional ‘gym environment’, with the bigger focus being to ‘nurture confidence and empower women of all ages and abilities’. Due to the pandemic, Meg has adapted and started ‘MOVE Live’, where she streams a variety of workout classes daily via social media. After speaking to Meg, she said that this was to ‘give clients access to a balanced workout programme with minimal equipment and space during lockdown’, but now it has become much more about a ‘sense of community’ in these challenging times. This is why I love MOVE by Meg so much. After following many fitness influencers for years, I have never experienced such a supportive and engaging atmosphere, both during and outside the workouts. If you enjoy the social element of the gym then this will be perfect for you, as all the workouts (timetable below) mirror the atmosphere of a gym class, which makes exercise a lot less scary if you’re a beginner. The MOVE by Meg membership is £15.95 per month, and doesn’t tie you into a contract. For any further information you can contact Meg via Instagram or her website 

Tone and Sculpt app: 

The Tone and Sculpt app is ran by social media influencer and personal trainer Krissy Cela–  a fitness app with a focus on both gym guides and home workouts. The app follows a structure similar to having a personal trainer, as you follow the exercises in phases for 12 weeks, uploading progress photos to your account along the way. The app also has a recipe bank and a facility to track macros.  I found the workouts to be well organised, professional and challenging, but not the most engaging if you just want to exercise for fun. The app does offer a 14-day free trial and is £13.99 per month after that, however due to the current situation, a lot of the home workout videos are on Krissy’s YouTube channel (krissycela). So, if you are looking to follow these workouts on a more casual basis, I would opt for this. There are a wide range of workouts to target different areas on the app, and think it would be amazing if you were looking for a long term plan, and also when we can use the gyms again.  

Fit and Fierce club: 

If you are looking for a less intense home workout, then I couldn’t recommend the Fit and Fierce club enough. Having tried many online yoga classes before, I have never really felt like I got much out of them unless I was willing to pay a fortune. Led by Sadie Nardini, an experienced and professional yoga instructor the website (which also has an app compatible with smart TV’s), offers many different variations of Yoga, HIIT, meditation and stretching for all abilities, as well as teaching course opportunities. The videos are also classified by which area you want to target, so for example, glute-focussed yoga or core focussed etc. A great thing about the fit and fierce club is that its currently offering 90 days for free due to the pandemic, and is $9.99 per month after this. I would highly recommend this for not just exercise, but as an anxiety relief and relaxation tool too. 

There are many more alternatives to home workouts, but even if it is just for 10 minutes, moving will improve your mood massively, which is so important right now! 

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Emily Nugent

Hey! My name is Emily, I am a UOL Fashion Marketing graduate currently working as a brand ambassador at Kurt Geiger. I have a strong interest in the beauty/cosmetic, fashion and lifestyle industries and I am always passionate to be learning new things within these, as well as exploring their history and how they have evolved over time. If you have any comments/questions about any of my posts- feel free to contact me on my socials! XO

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