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24 Aug

8 Activities You Can Enjoy at Home This Summer

After months on end of staying at home, it can seem a little scary when it comes to venturing out again. The UK is slowing coming to terms with a new normal across socialising, dining out, holidays and schools, but it’s easier for some to adapt to than others. 

If you’re feeling like you wish to take it slow, that’s totally acceptable. It’s the British Summer season and there is plenty you can enjoy doing at home while the lighter days are here, and the warmer weather is in tow.  

Of course, if you have children, it can be slightly harder as little ones need a lot of entertaining and sometimes, the things you have at home don’t seem to quite cut it. Here, we’ve put together 8 activities that are worth adding to your ‘to do’ list for the upcoming weeks, especially if you’re running out of fun ideas yourself. Each one is adaptable to do on your own, as a couple, or as a family.  

  1. Tie Dying T-shirts

 You may have seen the tie-dye trend come straight back in fashion since lockdown began. Well, good news – it’s going nowhere fast! Once a popular activity among campers, tie-dying clothes is a fun task for fashionistas looking to update their wardrobe, for families who have younger children who want to experiment, or if you are at a loose end and want to get creative! 

Just be sure you do this project outdoors and use rubber gloves and aprons, as it can get quite messy. To do it properly, it’s worth ordering a professional tie-dye kit off Amazon, grabbing a few plain t-shirts you’re happy to give a makeover and have YouTube tutorials to hand for inspiration.  

2. Have Homemade Ice Cream Making Competitions

Why worry about travelling to an ice cream café, when you can create the fun in your own home? This one works especially best if you have children or a family who have a genuine love for ice cream!  

Take a day in the kitchen to have a go at making your own ice creams, playing around with an array of flavours and toppings. The crazier, the better! Finish off with an ice cream voting competition, when one person gets to try them all and crowns one of you the ice cream making winner! For easy-to-follow ice cream making recipes, this one here is fairly self-explanatory.  

  1. Journaling and Scrapbooking Day

If you have a busy mind full of ideas, things you want to do, things you need to do and desires to achieve, then this one is for you. Spend the day working on your vision boards, where you simply create several vision boards for different areas of your life. For example, some of them could be for your business, your job or your health. A popular way to do this is to think about where you want to be in five years’ time, and create a vision board of what your life would look like if you work towards it. It’s an excellent way to prompt you into putting actions into place. 

A great way to start is to pull tear-outs from magazines, print anything inspirational from the internet, or produce sketches, quotes and words or things that represent where you want to be. After you have finished, you should be left with an array of vision boards which visually map out where you want to be heading in life. A creative way to put your dreams down on paper!  

4. Transform a garden shed into a useful space

How many of you have that dreaded shed at the bottom of the garden, only serving a purpose to spiders, garden tools and the lawnmower? Thought as much!  

Why not put a few days aside and really gut out the space, making it into a shed which can be an enjoyable place to step into on those sunny days? Once thoroughly cleaned, you can create a little desk/shelf area with a chair for when you want a break from the sun. You could fill the floor with scatter cushions and a rug and place floor plants to give it some interest. A little portable radio, whimsical wallpaper and a lick of paint will transform an old shed into a little peaceful corner!  

  1. Make Summer Wreaths

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas; you can create some of the prettiest wreathes for the home with all the blooms and foliage available throughout the summer. One idea, which is something a little bit different, includes utilising a watering can or a vintage style bucket you may own. You can fill these with fresh flowers from your garden, or any you see when out and about on walks, and decorate with ribbon or string. Hang on the front door or perch at the side of your porch for a simple, yet effective exterior upgrade.

For the fluffier, fuller-looking floral wreaths, try to get hold of either real or fake flowers, foliage (like false eucalyptus), floral wire and floral pins, ribbon and any decorative items you feel would work well. And of course, a wreath itself, like a soft foam one or even a straw version. Then, it’s basically a case of taking the flowers and wrapping them around the wreath, overlapping, snipping away, decorating and making something super pretty! 


  1. Learn the Art of Al Fresco Dining

With restrictions around dining out, it could be the perfect time to start learning a new Summer recipe or two, and dedicating some time to perfecting outdoor eating! Barbequing meats on the BBQ, preparing a salad packed with colourful fruit indoors, and arranging tapas style dishes to serve up outside, along with fresh lemonade and other Summer inspired nibbles 

If you have a decent sized table outside, make it a project either by yourself or with your children to decorate paper napkins, add embellishments to paper straws, and even design your own tablecloth.  

  1. Plant Seedlings

Planting seedlings and looking after them is a worthwhile task to do yourself, or to do with the family to get the kids involved. You can plant and grow a whole range of herbs or vegetables indoors, and watching their growth is actually really rewarding! If you get the kids involved, it can also be educational for them and it encourages you to do some research into what to grow for the best results, the best time to plant them and to consider the right conditions.  

Most plants, herbs or vegetables take around 3-15 weeks to mature indoors before they can be left outdoors in the garden. It’s a great task if there is more than one of you monitoring them, assigning tasks like checking up on the progress and carrying out daily watering.  

8. Take up Reading

A lot of people use the excuse that they don’t have enough time to read, as the reason why they never do it. Well, with people finding more time on their hands and having a reason to stay indoors more, now is the best time to learn what type of books you’re into! 

The art of reading is not only great for stimulating the mind, provoking ideas and education, it’s a form of self-therapy too. If you choose to read fiction, you can simply get lost in the world of others, escaping your own problems and feeling a little more at ease.  

If you have children, you could run a little book club and take it in turns reading out loud to each other. If you would rather make it something you enjoy on your own, then you could have a look at indulging in self help books or business-themed books too, to compliment your future plans and goals. 

Emma Campbell
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