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9 Nov

6 Vegan Influencers You Should Follow Right Now

Looking some fresh vegan content to inspire your repertoire? Look no further, we have the top six vegan influencers you NEED to be following right now. 

Lucy Watson 


Ex Made in Chelsea reality star and renowned ice queen, Lucy Watson, has truly made a name for herself in the vegan world. With her very own vegan food range, ‘Feed me vegan’ alongside releasing two bestselling vegan cookbooks, Lucy’s plant-based lifestyle has been an inspiration to many. And her vegan inspo doesn’t just stop in the kitchenLucy adheres to a total vegan lifestyle, whether that be her clothes, her furniture or even her pet’s food. 


If you’re looking for an advocate for animal wellbeing and the ultimate aspirational vegan lifestyle, Lucy’s feed is worth a scroll. 

The Little London Vegan


Looking for a beautiful feed complete with the ultimate vegan options to explore in London? Look no further than The Little London Vegan, otherwise known as Clare. This fun foodie feed will not disappoint and will simultaneously provide you with the ultimate guide to the vegan food scene across the big city alongside some wonderful recipe inspiration to motivate your own cooking ambitions. 

The Food Medic (plant-based)


Okay so this account isn’t strictly vegan but rest assured, this influencer will still provide you some incredible plant-based foodie inspo. Otherwise known as Dr Hazel Wallace, this account is not to be missed (and will most definitely have you questioning your own idea of productive time management!), as a qualified nutritionist, NHS doctor, author and podcast host, this lady is smashing life and bringing us all the plant-based recipe inspo whilst doing it.


Make sure to check out her ‘Lunch boxes’ and ‘Recipes’ highlight reels too, a must-see for those struggling for lunchtime ideas (that don’t involve any soggy sandwiches). 

Yes, It’s All Vegan


One of the best foodie accounts on the gram by far and the absolute queen of reviewing the best vegan junk food jaunts, Yes, it’s all vegan was one of the OG insta accounts to bring us all the best plant-based goodness. This account is particularly good for anyone looking for some niche vegan food places to try or honest reviews of those attempting to expand their menu offering (the queen of Pret reviews by far).


Even if you’re not based in London, Tsouni’s feed is a good reference for those looking for good places to visit if planning an upcoming trip or general reviews for some of the biggest restaurant/ coffee house chains in the UK. Worth a cheeky peek for sure. 

Sustainably Vegan


For those eco warriors among us, Immy is the girl for you. Bringing you recipe inspiration, low waste lifestyle solutions and a whole lot of wholesome outdoorsy content, Immy’s feed is a real natural beauty. This account is great for those who are looking to shake up their scrolls and add a bit of natural goodness to the mix and especially great for those who are looking to get some ideas as to how they can input some more conscious consumerism into their own lives.


Great tips on low waste alternatives and lifestyle solutions that can really make a difference to lessening our impact on the environment.  

Food Fitness Flora


And finally, we have Flora, the model / social media consultant / brand ambassador / keen fitness bunny / vegan recipe queen. The energy of Flora’s posts will most definitely have you feeling motivated to lace up your running shoes and get out into the great outdoors. This feed is for all the keen nature lovers among us and especially for those who are looking for some great vegan treats to refuel after a long hike or run, really the definition of a balanced lifestyle.   

There you have it, six of the best accounts on the gram to inspire you with their incredible vegan lifestyles (and hopefully give you some recipes to try too).  

Happy scrolling!

Ellie Tattam

Fashion marketer currently working for a London based fashion intelligence agency, GGHQ. Also an obsessive-compulsive fitness freak with a passion for Prosecco-the latter two often a questionable combination… bubbles aside, nutrition and fitness are huge passions of mine alongside a love for fashion and a sweet spot for sustainability. And I might of course sneak in the odd piece about bottomless brunches but, as we all know, balance is key.

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