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25 Jun

6 At-Home Date Night Ideas with a Twist

Although it’s tempting to indulge in constant Netflix marathons, it’s hardly the most romantic way to spend an evening with your other half. 

As the nation is discovering new things to do to keep occupied at home, it seems like there’s suddenly been quite a lot of pressure surrounding ‘date night’ for couples. Let’s be honest; expecting your husband or boyfriend to dress up smart and cook an impressive three-course meal might not be what they class as fun, so it’s worth trying to think outside the box a little in a bid to jazz up those weekend nights in the house. 

The below list includes six ways to try and add some fun to staying in with your other half and adding some interest to the traditional date night. Plus, there’s a bonus to this, as almost all of these athome date night ideas won’t break the bank! Each one works to a super friendly budget, yet should provide some laughs and a break away from Netflix! 


This is a great one if you’ve sadly had to experience a holiday being cancelled this year and are missing a slice of culture. As much as you may love your home, it won’t beat sitting outside a Greek taverna sipping a cocktail, especially when you’ve been stuck at home for weeks on end.  

Identify the country you are both missing – whether that’s the location of a holiday that never happened, or somewhere you were hoping to travel to this year – and theme a day and night around the location. 

For example, you could host an Italian night, where you both cook homemade pizza or pasta together, and sip on Aperol Spritz. Learn some Italian phrases online for a couple of hours and try to use Italian phrases throughout the date night. You can take it as far as you like: You could try to wear an Italian themed outfit or look chic and stylish like they do in Milan! 

Some ideas for other countries include a cheese platter and wine night for France, a sushi-making day for Japan, a Mediterranean meze making night for Greece, and a taco session for Mexico!   


This isn’t just an idea for the girls. If you tailor the drinks and the subject towards painting what you and your partner take an interest in, you can make this work easily. 

Paint and Prosecco nights (or paint and wine nights) can be pricey when you book onto them usually, so hosting your own as part of an at-home date night makes it much more affordable and just as fun. Firstly, it doesn’t have to be paint and prosecco theme. It could be Sketching and Stella (for the beer lovers), Watercolours and Wine… have a think about what you guys as a couple prefer.

Order some cheap canvases and paints and head over to YouTube where you can find online painting tutorials. You could also set up a little layout of objects yourself, so you can choose what to paint or draw from the items you have at your home. Pop on a soundtrack of music that you both love, sip on your chosen drink, and have a relaxed evening getting creative! 


If there is a room in the home you both haven’t been a fan of for a while, why not decide to work on it together as a team of interior designers? Together, you can plan how to redesign things with paint colours or wallpaper, or even just decide how to re-arrange the room so that it looks like a totally new space.  
You can start by challenging each other with vision boards, created from images of Pinterest or from online images to help decide on the final design board you both agree on. You’ll probably find that you will both learn a lot about each other’s taste and style, that you weren’t aware of before! 


Karaoke can be so much fun, and it’s super easy to pull off together at home! You can either purchase wireless microphones beforehand or simply choose to not use them. The next step then relies on YouTube, which offers thousands of karaoke-style videosgiving you the lyrics and backing tracks to a large array of songs.  

If you like, you can even get other couples at home having their own date night join in via zoom, and rate each couple on their singing abilities, turning it into a competition. You’ll be surprised at how much fun you can have at home when you’re both singing your hearts out together. 


Not only is Jenga one of the games to really get your nerves going, but it can also be personalised depending on how you wish to play it! 

One idea is to indulge in a game of “Would You Rather” Jenga. One of you can come up with your favourite Would You Rather questions, writing them onto each Jenga block. Then, when you both play the game, when one of you pulls a brick out, you have to answer the question written on the brick.  

Warning: it could get messy!  


Lots of music-loving couples will be missing going to local gigs, festivals and concerts all around the country while staying at home this Summer. However, it’s not impossible to re-create the experience at home, it will just be slightly different. 

Together, choose a singer or band you both would love to see and locate a video online of them which has been streamed from a concert. It’s amazing how many videos there are online which film artists and bands in some of the greatest sound and picture quality.  

Create online tickets for the pair of you, with a dedicated start time. One of you can pick a support act you’d like to watch first before the other one picks their support act of choice. Then, you can both watch the main act, eating hotdogs and fries you rustled up in your kitchen and sipping on a bottled beer.  

If you manage to get through the list quickly, you could always focus on making a date night jar which contains folded up post-it notes, filled with ideas for when you can finally go on ‘proper’ dates outside of the house.

Fill the jar up, and make a promise to yourselves that when it’s safer to visit public places like restaurants and bars, you’ll dip into the jar and pull out an idea every weekend… 

Emma Campbell
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