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11 Mar

5 Valuable Life Lessons

It only seems like yesterday that the year started but here we are, already a couple of months into the new decade! As you grow older, you go through so many life experiences, whether they are positive or negative – they teach you valuable life lessons. Your wellbeing should always be your first priority and incorporating these lessons will not only bring happiness into your life, but peace as well.


Establishing rules can bring a lot of balance in your life for instance determining what you will do and will not do & what you will allow and won’t allow. Not only will you feel your life more structured but you will feel much happier as well. For example, don’t try to look at your inbox after 7 pm. You pretty much have worked all day long so it’s a reasonable time to take a break. Anything after that time can wait until the next day.

Don’t work during the weekend except in a case of an emergency. You will feel much more productive and motivated since you had two days to disconnect. You can spend those two days spending quality time with your loved ones, doing something that you enjoy and by relaxing.


Instead of thinking about your goals and dreams, why don’t you take an action about it? If your dream is to become a writer, write every day. If your dream is to travel, take some time off from work and buy that plane ticket. It may seem abrupt but life is too short.

Dreaming & having big goals is amazing, but keeping your head in the clouds will never bring anything. It’s simply not enough. This lesson about taking action instead of dreaming will keep you motivated and on the right track in terms of your dream path. Take action every day and it will be a huge part of your success.


Everyone wants to avoid confrontations and conflicts as much as possible. You want to be loved and appreciated by your loved ones which means that most times, you avoid difficult conversations thus suffer in silence. Sometimes it can be much easier to say no to opportunities than to the toxic people in your life.

You might lose friends and even dearest ones but it’s important that you say no with ease when dealing with uncomfortable situations or environment. Difficult conversations are sometimes necessary for your personal growth and well-being. If those people truly love you and want to be with you, they will accept your decision.


It’s very important that you take time to focus on yourself. In order to face the day with determination, you have to channel your confidence. A great way to do it is by standing like Wonder Woman. Yes, we are talking about the pose you imagine: hands on hips and legs shoulder-width apart. Why? Because Wonder Woman is confident about who she is. She believes in her abilities and we should be too. Do it from time to time and you would be surprised of how much it will make a difference in your daily life.


Sometimes you shouldn’t believe what you see, especially from social media. Everyone has their own struggles, flaws and weaknesses. Everything is not as rosy as they want us to believe and developing insecurities for things that might not even exist in the first place is just a waste. Concentrate on your own journey & path in life. You don’t need to look at, let alone compare with other people’s life.

What’s your most valuable life lesson?

New Lune

A 23-year-old freelance designer and translator, born and raised in France. I run a beauty & lifestyle blog as well which features a variety of posts ranging from products review to study tips and blogging tips to personal experiences.

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