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16 Apr

5 Jobs and Services We Wish Existed

Here at Cohorted Cult, we constantly wonder why, in 2020, that certain *things* havent been invented yet. Just think about how much easier would life be if you could teleport? No more sweaty tube journeys or having to wait for that dingy night bus home, one can only dream. In this article, were exploring a few jobs and services we wish existed. If you haven’t considered any of these before, you’ll soon be joining us… 

Nail polish that doesnt chip and dries instantly  

It would revolutionaise Nail Varnish… How many times have you painted your nails at home, only for them to smudge or chip as soon as you step outside? Probably more than your willing to admit. Even though there are options like shellac, SNS and acrylicsat some point they chip too, especially if youre tapping away all day and with the extra handwashing that’s going on. We cant wait for someone to nail this one. Pun absolutely intended. 

Shoes that break themselves in  

Unless you purchase orthopaedic shoes or Uggs, there is no denying that new shoes are often painful. Take Doctor Marten boots for example, they are notoriously hard to break in and they should really come with some paracetamol and blister pads for the pain. However, once they are broken in, theyre the most comfortable boots in the world and last forever. But, imagine a shoe that could break itself? No more crying and hobbling about on a night out bare foot, no more long soaks in bath to rescue your poor feet. We are ready for this.  

Jeans that are actually comfortable 

Much like shoes, it takes a couple of wears before you really get to break in a pair of jeans. They need to mould to your body before you can actually call them comfortable. But are jeans really comfortable? Well be debating this time again and again until we can slip into our dream pair.

Self cleaning furniture and appliances  

Adulting be difficult at the best of times and one of the chores were sure we all despise is cleaning. Unless we waste our weekends or evenings doing it, it will never get done. Self-cleaning furniture would save us time and energy (and no we’re not talking about Robot hoovers). Were not sure how it would work just yet, but wed be happy to pay the extra cost. 


Teleportation will most likely be available in 3020, but we often dream of how much easier life would be with it. We’re impatient. No more squashed commutes. No more expensive plane journeys. No more I need a holiday tweets. Teleportation is what we want and need. NOW.


One can only dream. What do you wish existed? Tweet us and let us know! 

Charlotte Haynes

I have been in and out the Bloggersphere since the days of LiveJournal and when Tumblr was the originally ‘cool’ blogging platform. Over the years, this industry has changed so much, I do question if I am actually part of it or if I’m on the outskirts looking in. I wouldn’t say I was your ‘typical’ blogger either. I don’t care about getting the perfect flat lay or feeling bad for not posting, I just enjoy writing. If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading. Anyway, I love to travel, indulge in a glass of white wine, when plans are cancelled and purchase overpriced makeup. I guess that’s me in a nutshell, trying to figure out this thing called life, have fun and never lose sight.

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