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13 Oct

4 Goal-Orientated Things Millennials Are Doing Wrong

Hello Freedom. It is the first thought you have when you reach adulthood because you just cant wait to grow up. 

However, being in your twenties is huge and daunting. It is no less than an adrenaline rush, you are neither a fully mature adult nor a juvenile anymore. Life changes on a dime. 

Apart from being known as the social media generation, what exactly are millennials doing wrong? 

Keeping toxic friends around  

When it comes to friendship, don’t hold back on being selectiveAvoid hanging out with people who love to gossip; are always feeding on dramawho put you down at every opportunity and are always too busy for youRealise that some friendships are not meant to be forever, and it is about quality over quantity.  

Your friends should not be bringing you down more than they lift you up. Don’t feel guilty for friend break-ups. 

Staying in the comfort zone 

If there is anything holding you back from improvement, it is because you are still stuck in the comfort zone. Are you taking risks and pushing yourself through your doubts and insecurities? Are you still waiting for motivation to pump up through your veins? No more procrastinating and putting the responsibilities on someone else’s shoulders. Don’t be afraid to take the roads less travelledIt is time to step out millennials. I once heard the phrase “the beauty is in the attempt”.  

Prioritising partying 

The weekend has hit; it is time to party. Does that ring a bell to you?
If you still have those cheap neon sunglasses they give away at bars, you are possibly partying a bit too much. It is probably time to stop prioritising a hangover over productivity. That is not to say you cant let your hair down every so often, but it is time to learn when enough is enough. Don’t let the drunken nights out take over your plans for the future.  

Dear millennial, when will you stop postponing your life goals? 

Taking the fun out of dating 

Staying in toxic and abusive relationships; sobbing over boys who don’t deserve itDating should not be a chore. Swiping right and left on tinder for hours, hours and hours might seem productive, but trust me your wasting your energy. Firstly, you do not need a man to be a successful woman. Secondly, only date men who reciprocate your time, energy and goals in life. We are done spending our precious time on men who only want one thing.  

Life is tough, but being a millennial is tougher. You will find that your mindset is your greatest asset in the world, and it can either make or break youThe choice is yours. 

Maria Tamara

I'm a lifestyle blogger from sunny Mauritius with a penchant for macarons. My main obsession is achieving goals and self-care. The rest of the time (when I'm not writing) you'll find me sipping out on cocktails, trying yoga poses and always baking camembert on Sunday afternoons.

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