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3 Life Changing Ways To Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

In a world which encourages striving for more and going above and beyond, it’s only normal to compare ourselves to other people’s lives.

We’re told in a whole manner of ways to earn more, do more, move more, be more. However, we are all unique individuals with individual dreams, circumstances, and qualities. To be able to embrace and cherish our best selves, here are simple yet life-changing ways to stop comparing yourself to others. You’ll be sure to want to incorporate these simple steps into your everyday routine, plus there’s nothing other than yourself that you need to practice these recommendations. 


Remind yourself of your best qualities

We all deserve to remind ourselves of what we’ve accomplished, what we’re grateful for, and what makes us, us. Spend just 5 minutes in the day writing down or speaking aloud 3 things that you love about yourself. This practice may be really difficult at the start and could even cause feelings of recoil, or disgust if you’re not used to giving yourself a whole heap of praise. However, you totally deserve to praise yourself– stick with it! There are proven benefits to show that gratitude, self-care, and self-praise help to boost self-esteem and fulfilment. By consistently doing this daily, you’ll be sure to appreciate your unique qualities and boost your self-confidence over time. 


Re-evaluate your current situation

We all live increasingly hectic and busy lives. Work can consume most of our week, as well as other important commitments. These every day stressors can put pressure on our minds and our body. We may begin to crave a calmer week or a different lifestyle. Instead of wishing or wanting for more or different; take just 5 minutes in your day to bullet point your ideals and what you enjoy about your day to day (no matter how small). When we recognise what we desire and want, as well as build clarity on our current situation… We can then make conscious decisions to achieve something different, or better our situation. Let’s be clear, this is to fulfil your own core needs and wants, not because you think someone else is winning at life with certain perceived ideals! You need to make each decision to make you feel good. 


Practice self-care

When we connect with ourselves, we generally feel more positive. One form of self-care would be to make the bold step of recognising where you compare yourself the most. Secondly give yourself the space to feel and look after yourself instead of putting your time and energy into negative habits of comparisonBy practicing self-care, we can minimise our stress and anxiety, which is a win-win! We all need to spend the time to help ourselves feel more at ease. This inevitably helps us to grow more as a person! Stress, anxiety, and being constantly on the go can contribute to our tendencies to compare to others, especially in terms of success. We can get caught up in the stressors rather than feeling grounded, present in the moment, and well-rested. So, remember to be proud of how far you’ve come, how well you’re doing, and spend time to look after your mind and body. Activities could include journaling, general rest, and practicing gratitude. We’d love to hear what works for you. We recognise that sometimes comparison can go much deeper and these are just general tips that show some benefits for some people. If you are struggling with stress or anxiety for instance, please contact a medical professional to seek professional advice.  


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