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15 Jan

10 Ways Motherhood Changed Me

Aa I look in the mirror I see a person staring back at me, who is different to the person I was before. I’m older, my hair is a mess and let’s face it – I don’t remember those eyebags being there either, but I now have a certain confidence I never used to have. I’ve given birth twice and raised two humans, it feels like I’m ready to take on the world! Nothing is standing in my way – this new person is a mother.

Here are some of the ways motherhood has changed me as a person…

I’m more patient

There is one thing you need buckets of as amother and that’s patience. Babies like to test this out a LOT, toddlers like to test you even more! Usually, just as you are about to leave the house when you’re already running late, they will refuse to get dressed, throw themselves on the floor or fill their nappy. You’ll never ben anywhere on time again!

I have more compassion

Having a mini-human on the earth that I care so much about has made me one emotional train-wreck. I cry at adverts these days. I thought it was the pregnancy hormones, but it never goes away! I feel like I’m more caring towards people around me and more understanding of situations that happen around me.

I forget things

Baby brain sticks with you forever – my brain just works so SLOWLY these days. I also have a habit of forgetting simple things (like closing the front door – kind of important!) and I’ve left the house in my slippers more than once!

I care less about what I look like

Before I had children I didn’t even pop to the shops without a full face of make-up on. I straightened my hair every day and always had perfectly painted nails. Now? Not so much. I’m more than happy with a quick 2 minute splash of make-up and my hair in a mum-bun. There just isn’t time and it’s further down the list of priorities now. I do still love getting dressed up – when I do it feels extra special now!

I don’t care about what people think

Motherhood is filled with judgemental opinions and comments – it seems everyone has an opinion they feel the need to force down your throat. I think this has given me good practice in not-caring what people think and following my own intuition. I am doing things my way and how it suits our family and that’s final.

Party girl I am not

Pass me the remote control, PJ’s and a box of chocolate. A night in is my idea of a party now and I’m so okay with it!

I’m less anxious

Before baby, I was filled with anxiety – Goodness, I don’t know where I found the time to mull over some of that stuff. I think childbirth changed everything, I suddenly felt like if I could push out a baby and keep her alive, I maybe should give myself a bit of credit and stop worrying about things so much. That logic seems to have worked as I worry so much less now (although I do still continuously google baby related questions, so no one is perfect!)

I am a skilled multi-tasker

I quite often feel like I’m doing my very best octopus impression – I usually have so many things on at any one time, with one eye on the baby, one on the toddler, one arm filling the washing machine, whilst the other assists whilst dinner cooks, all whilst I have a nice quick scroll through Instagram. PHEW, there is no wonder I’m exhausted.

A smile can bring so much joy

Being a mum has taught me that the little things in life are where you find the most joy – beforehand I was seeking big things and always ended up being disappointed. But now, just a single smile, a first word or a cuddle can mean the world. Motherhood teaches you a lot about living in the moment and appreciating the little things, as babies change and grow up so quickly. You can blink and you’ll miss it.

I am fulfilled

This one is hard to put into words, but I feel like having children was the missing puzzle piece of my life that I’d been looking for, for so long. I feel complete with my two girls by my side and my heart is so full of love in a way I can never describe. Being a mother is just everything I dreamed of and more and I can’t wait to see what is in store for us over the years.

Lyndsay Gardner

I’m Lyndsay, a blogger, Instagrammer, freelance writer and one half of a same-sex family with two daughters, Violet (2) and Pearl (1). You’ll usually find me with my laptop under one arm and a toddler under the other. It’s fair to say my hands are full but coffee usually gets me by!

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