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21 Dec

Winter Skincare Saviours

Over the last few weeks, the weather has changed drastically in the UK and that means that our skincare routine should also change. When the weather gets colder our skin needs more moisture and hydration to keep it feeling nourished and smooth with the help of a few winter skincare saviours your skin will feel amazing. 

Dr Botanicals Pomegranate Superfood Regenerating Sleeping Mask 

This sleeping mask is a product that helps to regenerate the skin overnight leaving it to feel hydrated and smooth in the morning. After I’ve been out in the cold all day and my skin is feeling tight and thirsty, then I know that this is the mask to return my skin to a nourished and hydrated state. This mask contains pomegranate which is high in antioxidants that help to maintain the skins nourishment, and vegan and cruelty- free. I like to apply this mask just before I go to bed and only apply a light layer and then throughout the night it soaks into the skin, leaving my skin feeling brand new and glowy the next morning, making this the perfect mask to use during the winter.  

UpCircle Coffee Face Scrub  

When the weather gets colder, skin tends to get dry and flaky. That’s when a face scrub needs to come in. Face scrubs gently buffs away dead skin and dry skin to leave it feeling soft and smooth without over-exfoliating the skin. This UpCircle coffee scrub is a natural exfoliator that can be used on sensitive skin and its created from repurposed coffee grounds. To keep my skin feeling smooth and soft and without over-exfoliating my skin I only use it around once or twice a week to keep my dry skin at bay, without being too harsh on the skin. 

ESPA Optimal Skin ProSerum  

This serum is an intensely nourishing and a nutrient-rich serum that promotes radiant skin, the ideal product for winter. This product has a slightly higher price tag, but it is definitely worth it. This serum helps to maintain the skins moisture barrier with ingredients such as echium oil and sunflower concentrate which help to replenish the skin, white lupin which smooths and firms the skin and turmeric that helps brighten the complexion. All these ingredients together create a perfect product to keep the skin hydrated and nourished throughout the winter months.

Polaar Revitalising Night Cream 

Night creams are a perfect product to introduce into your skincare routine during the winter if you haven’t yet, adding an extra kick of moisture when the skin needs it most. This night cream from Polaar is my favourite because it intensely revitalises the skin overnightleaving it feeling super smooth and soft the next day. This night cream has a whipped consistency so when it’s applied to the skin it soaks in quickly and doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy, only silky soft. I tend to use this night cream a few times a week during the winter to keep my skin feeling extra hydrated and it visibly de-stresses the skin. 

With the change in weather our skincare routines must change to make sure that our skin stays looking and feeling healthy. With these productsyour skin will look and feel amazing. 

Aaliyah Hunt
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