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Winter Skin Care Essentials

Winter is here. The cold weather is back, and as cosy it is to wrap up, gather around the fire and visit the Christmas markets – it is no secret that this weather is not going to have an effect on your skin. Here at Cohorted, we’ve come up with some winter skincare essentials for you to keep on top of your skin whilst the cold breeze is once again breaking out.  

Laneige - Water Sleeping Mask Probiotics - £26

Promised to transform your winter-dried skin overnight, this miracle mask uses a special probiotics-derived compound and squalene to moisturise, brighten, and soften skin overnight. The leave-on gel mask, a first in the world, hydrates the skin deeply as you sleep to give you a plump and dewy appearance. Perfect for after a long day to rewind and detox. Use it as the final step of your skincare routine two to three times per week and leave it on overnight rather than washing it off. The next morning, wash off. When your skin feels dry, apply a tiny bit more than the recommended amount. 

Available from Beauty Bay here

Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel - Restore And Hydrate - £14.99

Suffer with dry skin? Dry skin, especially in winter, can become even more of an issue as the weather further dries out the skin even more. Not to fear – Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel will eliminate any worries you have about your winter skin. This formulation was designed specifically for dry skin that absorbs quickly and helps to reduce the signs and symptoms of dry skin and has been demonstrated to enhance dry skin also, great right? 

Available from Boots here 

Clinique – Moisture Surge - £20

Aloe Bio-Ferment is used in this moisturiser to lessen the appearance and sensation of dry skin. Hyaluronic acid is used and encourages the appearance of plumper, firmer face while also hydrating it. Together with Aloe Barbadensis, Activated Aloe Water helps to produce a softer, more supple appearance, and clever Auto-Replenishing Technology helps to support the skin’s regular moisture levels. This can be used in the morning and evening to protect your skin from the winter weather. 

Available from Look Fantastic here

Beauty Pie – Deluxe Moisture Body Cream - £18

In wintertime, your body is just as important to keep moisturised as much as your face is. This luxurious body moisturiser, which Beauty Pie received directly from a French laboratory, suspends invisible microdroplets of oil in water for ultralight yet intensive skin nourishment. It contains essential oils of orange, tangerine, geranium, and tonka bean as well as sustainably produced cold-pressed hibiscus flower, meadowfoam oils, and liquid shea butter. This product can be used after showering, or bathing and applied to the whole body. 

Available from Beauty Pie here


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