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West Barn Co. Review

I tried the OG Soap Brow brand, did it live up to expectations?  

West Barn Co product flatlay

BRAND COLLABORATION: Created in partnership with West Barn Co.

It’s fair to say that the Soap Brow trend has blown up over the past year. From making scenes on TikTok and being worn by all the coolest influencers, to now being a regular occurrence in everyday make-up routines and even paving the way for the brow lamination (a salon treatment which achieves a full and fluffier looking brow).  What most people don’t realise is that soap was actually an old Hollywood secretused by starlets to shape, groom, add fullness and set their eyebrows. It was also a popular technique in fashion editorial and runway.  If you’re an old school beauty fanatic, you might even remember the Pixiwoo Sisters Soap Brow tutorial back in 2016. So perhaps this is not just TikTok hack and more of a tried and tested method 

Introducing you to the first specialist Soap Brow brand whose products do not resemble a bar of pears. West Barn Co. is the child of Mother and Daughter duo, Donna and Kim, who discovered a niche market focusing on creating high quality brow and skin prep products for professional makeup artists. From investing a lot of money into cute portable packaging, to painstakingly hand pouring each product, it was well deserved when Soap Brows exploded on social media, opening West Barn Co. up to endless opportunities. 

While working as a professional make-up artist, founder Kim recognised a gap in the market for a brow product which achieved the full and fluffy look with skin friendly ingredients. Using hand soap on such a delicate area of her client’s face didn’quite sit right with Kim. This is when the challenge began for Donna; natural skincare enthusiast and mother to Kim, setting out to formulate a soap like product suitable to wear on the face and particularly safe around the eyes. From here on, this little tin of brow soap would change the game. 

West Barn Co product flatlay
West Barn Co products

The primary consumer base was professional make-up artists working on tv and film, red carpet, editorial and fashion shoots. Now, the brand has expanded internationally to 60 countries and evolved into creating a complete range of exceptional brow and skin prep products that make-up artists and regular users choose time again. The specially formulated brow soap has placed itself firmly amongst the very best in eyebrow styling products. Each tin is poured, polished and packaged by hand in the U.Kso that you get the original Hollywood-inspired brow soap made with authenticity and expertise. 

I got the opportunity to try this soughtafter product for myself and let’s just say if you’re a fan of the bushy browyou need it in your make-up bag – immediately! 

West Barn Co Packaging

Firstly, packaging and branding. West Barn Co. strive to use the highest quality natural ingredients, derived from plants, vegetables and herbs. It is reassuring to know that when using a brow product, you are still being kind to your skin. With a keen focus on environmental and sustainable policies, WBCO. are advocates of contributing to suppliers who believe in protecting the environment and producing quality raw materials. This in itself would encourage anyone to spend a little more on a product that is environmentally friendly and long lasting.

The brow styling spoolie, made from an eco-luxe bamboo material, is kind to the planet, reusable and compostableThe cute white tin which contains the soap is super aesthetic and the perfect size to slot in your handbag for spiking up your brows on the go. But if I’m honest, with West Barn Co. the styling power is so strong that it will last all day long – no matter what the activity. Another unique addition to the collection is The Brow Brush, a bespoke dual ended styling brush with bristles that effortlessly shape and grab onto every brow hair. This was a very new tool for me as I usually opt for a plastic spoolie or eyebrow pencil brush hybrid, but it really is a game changer – even for beginners.  

As a newbie to the soap brow look, I had only ever used a hand soap to style my brows and had received a brow lamination back when salons were a thingAsides from my experience, I’ve always been a huge fan of the brushed-up brow. Natural brows are always best, but by adding a simple spike and lighthanded filling in, you can still achieve brows that look like yours, but better. Instead of using water to loosen and activate the product, West Barn Co.’s Prep Mist is the match made in heaven. With three fun scents to choose from: coconut, watermelon and peppermint, your brows can not only be styled to perfection but smell fresh too. This multi-use product can be used as a make-up prepping and setting spray or as a skin quenching spritz throughout the day. It’s aloe vera formula ensures your skin is soothed and hydrated with every spritz – what’s not to love? 

experimented with applying the product in combination with an eyebrow pencil, as well as using on natural eyebrows. Both worked and looked great! As someone who suffers from very sparse brows, it can be tricky to avoid either too many gaps or going overboard with the pencil and looking like a block brow. The spoolie and Brow Brush were key to achieving the look I desired. Whatever aesthetic you prefer, you’re guaranteed to achieve it with Soap Brow. The product is incredibly easy to use, and with the help of the video guides, you can’t really go wrong!  

West Barn Co soap brows

What have I learnt? Less is more when it comes to application and practice definitely makes perfect! Experiment using the soap along with various eyebrow pencils, pomades or freshly tinted brows. One spritz of Prep Mist is enough and ensures the product is the perfect paste-like consistency. also learnt that leaving a few minutes between coating the hairs and going back in to shape is the best way to get all those miniscule hairs in place.  

Since Soap Brows® was created from Donna’s kitchen, it has graced the eyebrows of Dua Lipa, Rosie Huntington Whiteley and Queen B herself. If that’s not enough to make you want to buy and try, then I’m not sure what is! 


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