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Vegan and Cruelty Free Brands in 2021

We believe that all beauty brands should be striving to make their products ethical. Here we share the best vegan and cruelty free beauty brands to invest in.

One of my beauty resolutions for this year was to reorganise my makeup and strip it back to the brands that are vegan and cruelty-free. We are now in 2021, and I feel that all brands should be trying to make their products ethical. Today, I’ll be sharing with you the top vegan and cruelty-free beauty brands you should be investing in this year. 

Firstly, I can’t be the only one who assumed that Vegan instantly meant ‘Cruelty-Free’? But in fact, they are slightly different. Vegan basically means that no animal products have been used to formulate the beauty product. Whilst Cruelty-Free, refers to the beauty product itself, and implies that it has not been tested on animals. If brands are crueltyfree, you can find the Leaping Bunny or PETA logo on their packaging! 

I’m sure everyone has tried a product from this staple drugstore brand before, I definitely have a few of their products in my collection. e.l.f is a brand this is widely available in your local Superdrug and online, with the majority of their products priced at £10 and under. For a brand that’s from the drugstore, it’s refreshing to know you can still make an ethical purchase, while also staying on budget.

The brand most famous for its ‘Demi Wispies’, is to our relief, cruelty-free. False lashes might not be the most popular beauty item while in lockdown, but it’s clear to see the choice of false lash brands in this day and age is quite ridiculous. Ardell are an affordable false lash brand available at the drugstore and have a plethora of lash styles for under £10. Ardell recently confirmed that their brand is 100% cruelty-free; they don’t test any of their products on animals and neither do their suppliers.

Glossier is a brand that believes less is more, and that your natural beauty should always shine through. Glossier is more of a mid-range brand; sitting somewhere between drugstore and high-end prices. Regardless, they have some cult classics to add to your collection, like the iconic Boy Brow eyebrow gel and unique multi-use Cloud Paint. Glossier is cruelty-free, does not advocate testing on animals, and choose not to sell their products in countries where animal testing is required by law. Glossier are also Leaping Bunny certified, however, not 100% vegan, meaning some of their products contain animal derived ingredients, such as honey and beeswax.


Revolution is probably the most sought-after drugstore makeup brand, due to the quality, affordability and range of products on offerRevolution is always one step ahead of the game with their funky new collections. Foundation shade range and products releases, all at an affordable price. Revolution is fully crueltyfree; they do not test on animals and they are not sold in countries where animal testing is required by law. Revolution are PETA Certified and are currently 76% vegan, but continue to expand their vegan beauty presence.

Milk Makeup is a brand that has been lusted over for years. They may be slightly more on the higher price spectrum, but they certainly have some gorgeous vegan products on offerSome of Milk’s most iconic products in the beauty blogger world include the Hydro Grip Primer and the Vegan Milk Moisturiser. Milk Makeup is a completely cruelty free, 100% Vegan and Leaping Bunny Certified brand, making its values and products truly ethical.

Paula’s Choice is another brand that is loved by bloggers and youtubers in the beauty industry (Skincare by Hyram raves about this brandand me included). Their no-nonsense products are easy to use and have amazing benefits for the skin. Slightly more expensive, but the products are definitely worth it! A cult favourite being the 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant which we’ve tried and recommend! Paula’s Choice have confirmed they are 100% crueltyfree and both Leaping Bunny and PETA Certified, we couldn’t be happier about this!

I’m pretty sure everyone and their mum is aware of Real Techniques, who quite literally took over the drugstore cosmetic world before make-up brushes were even a thing?  Real Techniques have some of the best affordable makeup brushes on offer and are widely available both online and IRL. Some of our holy grail makeup tools are from Real Techniques; specifically, the Miracle Complexion Sponge and Foundation Brush. Real Techniques is 100% Vegan and cruelty-free, meaning they do not test on animals nor use any animal products in their collections.

Another upcoming skincare brand that is pretty affordable, with some amazing products. Versed is a mid-range brandmeaning it’s just between drugstore and high-end prices. Some key products to lookout for in their collection are the Cleaning Balm and Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen, two everyday essentials. Versed is Cruelty free, Leaping Bunny certified and also 100% vegan! 

2021 should be the year that we investigate our beauty products, aiming to make them as crueltyfree as possible. Maybe one day we can have 100% vegan skincare and makeup collection! There are a multitude of brands out there who are transitioning and evolving to become more ethical and transparent. Our hope, is that all beauty brands follow suit.


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