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Trending Eyeliner for Inspiration

It’s time to step up your liner game. Experimenting with different colours and shapes is a fun way to update any look, and is a great way for your makeup to pop while you’re wearing a mask.

collage of eyeliner trends

Whether you’re a lover of big, bold, and crazy creations, or just want something subtle to mix it up, liner provides tonnes of freedom. With so many amazing trends circulating at the moment, we’ve rounded up our favourites to give you some inspiration.  

Pro Tip 1: To get different colours, don’t buy new eyeliner. Wet a thin liner brush with setting spray and dip it into some coloured eyeshadow. 

Pro Tip 2: Figure out what works best for you to achieve your desired shape. Some people use cards, others tape, spoons, and some can freehand. Practise makes perfect. 

model with bold red graphic liner

Graphic Liner

A graphic liner can get so creative, giving you the freedom to create any shape you want. Note how they follow the shape of the eye to accentuate the features. We also love how this look is matched to the lips for a colour-block vibe. 

model with yellow and pink eyeliner

Dual Tone Contrast

Try your classic wing shape in a different colour, then add contrast to the lower lash line. This is a great look for beginners to test your skills. Match it to your outfit or accessories to really tie a look together. 

model with subtle eyeliner

Subtle Dual Tone

If you love the idea of a dual-tone, but prefer something more understated, try this out. Instead of using contrasting colours, create your classic wing in black and add a brown or grey on the lower lash line. Choose colours which that complement and accentuate your eyeshade.  

model with chunky blue eyeliner

Chunky Block Colour

This look will make a statement. Think your classic wing, but exaggerated to cover almost the full lid. Again, follow the shape of your eye to keep it flattering, and experiment with colours. 

model with subtle red eyeliner

Subtle Colour Pop

Sometimes big and bold isn’t the way to go, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still play with colour. Adding a small amount to your waterline is a great way to make your look more unique, and can really complement your eyeshadow and lipstick.

model with white eyeliner on lid

White Hovering Liner

We’re obsessed with this look for summer. It’s light and airy and can suit any eye shape. Follow your natural contour in a sweeping motion, just like you would for a classic wing, but raise it to hover between your lash line and eyebrow. 

model with graphic black liner

Updated Wing

Another easy look for beginners, this takes your usual wing and adds a small inner flick. This is perfect for an update on your look that’s still super wearable. If you’re feeling more adventurous, try it in a variety of colours, or even a mix of colours. 

model with dotted liner

Dots and Spots

For something a little more fun, add some dots! We love it on the inner corner or following the line of the traditional wing. You could also combine some micro-dots into any of the other eyeliner looks to break them up. If you don’t have a small brush, try using the opposite end of one. 

inner cut eyeliner

Inner Cut

We all love a classic cut crease, now reverse it and try it with eyeliner. Try it just above the crease so it’s always visible, or along the crease for a little peek every time you close your eyes. Just remember to keep your lids closed until it’s dry!

It is time to try something more creative than a classic wing. However, you experiment with your liner, have fun with it. Even if you’ve not mastered the perfect wing yet, you might find some of these looks even easier. Remember, practice makes perfect.


DISCLAIMER: We always aim to credit the original source of every image we include in our content. If you think a credit may be incorrect, please get in touch at marketing@cohorted.co.uk.







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