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6 Aug

Travel-Sized Beauty Favourites for Your Next Holiday

Times are tough right now. As well as the ongoing societal problem of systematic and systemic racism against black people across the world, the Coronavirus pandemic continues. With many of us still abiding by lockdown restrictions, travelling has been severely disrupted. 

You may have had a holiday planned that’s been cancelled or postponed. You might have planned to take a quick trip away to escape the hustle and bustle of life. You probably planned a staycation to get away from your hometown for a short while. Regardless of your travel plans, it’s annoying to have to put things on hold. 

However, once the lockdown is completely over and once the pandemic ends, we’ll be able to travel again – and look good while on a trip away. Here are some travel-sized beauty favourites you need to get your hands on, for when travelling is safe: 

Trinny London Face Finish Mattifying Balm (4g) 

Trinny London is a beauty brand by Trinny Woodall, a fashion and makeup expert. All products are premium and cream-based, formulated with the highest quality ingredients and pigments and compact, meaning that you can touch up your face on the go. Suitable for all skin tones, types and textures, the Trinny London Face Finish Mattifying Balm gives your complexion a sheer and flawless finish in an instant, hiding imperfections and leaving your face looking pretty as part of your makeup look. It’s a one-pot wonder that gives the face the perfect boost. 

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray (75ml) 

For a lot of us, trying to sleep on planes can be incredibly challenging and uncomfortable. However, there is a solution for some of us: lavender sleep spray. This Work’s Deep Sleep Pillow Spray contains lavender and camomile oils, meaning that you’ll be able to wind down and fall into a deep slumber on your journey. Featured in the Cohorted x This Works Exclusive Beauty Box, you can’t go wrong!  

Eyeko Black Magic Mascara (4ml) 

This one of my favourite makeup products! I love this specific mascara because the curve-shaped wand transforms my lashes, curling and volumizing them after a couple of strokes – without clumping or creating buildup. Plus, because it’s enriched with Keratin and Shea Butter, the Eyeko Black Magic Mascara nourishes and strengthens eyelashes. What more could you want? 

Moroccanoil Treatment (25ml) 

While away on your future holiday, you’ll want to make sure that you’re keeping your hair regimen in check, to maintain the health and vitality of your hair. The Moroccanoil Oil Treatment styles, treats, protects and conditions hair whilst eliminating frizz and leaving it smooth with its argan oil-rich formula. Use after washing and conditioning hair, or after a deep conditioning/hair mask treatment. 

Dermalogica Active Moist (100ml) 

Vegetarian, cruelty-free, gluten-free, paraben-free and free from artificial colours and fragrances, this silky and oil-free moisturiser is perfect for hydrating the skin, especially if you plan to travel in hotter climates. It’s good for those with normal or oily skin, and it hydrates without leaving a greasy finish. 

Ameliorate Intensive Foot Treatment (75ml) 

When exploring a different region or country, you’ll probably end up on foot most of the time, so it’s important to use a foot cream that moisturises and soothes dry feet and heels. The Ameliorate Intensive Foot Treatment alleviates and relieves rough feet and cracked heels, keeping them moisturised throughout the day. 

Pai Skincare Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil (10ml) 

If you aren’t using rosehip oil as part of your skincare regimen, then you should consider incorporating a rosehip-based product into your skincare routine. Rosehip oil is rich in vitamin A and it contains anti-ageing properties. It works to fight against age spots and wrinkles, whilst it penetrates deep layers of the skin to boost moisture and collagen levels. Pai’s Skincare Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil minimises the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, scars and sun damage, and it repairs and protects the skin against damage from environmental pollutants. 

MAC Mini Mac Matte Lipstick (1.8g) 

Available in numerous shades, this creamy matte lipstick sweeps and glides across the lips in an effortless way, allowing for easy application while on the go, and leaves a highly-pigmented finish without drying out or caking the lips. This lipstick is perfect if you want to create bold, colourful lips while travelling. 

Mini beauty products are perfect to take with you while travelling. What are your favourite travel-sized beauty favourites? Let us know @cohorted!
Chichi Ogwe

Chichi is a copywriter and beauty blogger. She writes content for a number of online magazines and publications and her blog features posts on makeup selections, beauty trends, lifestyle, fashion and opinion pieces. Blog: https://www.chichiwritesbeauty.co.uk/

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