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Top Tips for Looking After Your Hair and Nails

To make things a little easier for you, we’ve put together a how-to guide with tips to help you maintain and look after your hair and nails! 

Are you finding it challenging to keep on top of your hair and nail care alongside the daily stresses of life? Well, we have the perfect solution for you. Whether it’s stopping your terrible habit of biting your nails or diminishing your split ends – we’ve got you covered. To help out a little – we explain how to keep on top of this crucial care that needs to be prioritised!  


First things first: hair. It is undeniable that your hair needs 24/7 care and maintenance to keep strong, shining, and healthy, so keep a lookout for these tips below and find a way to weave them into your hair care routine in return for luscious locks. 


Heat damage is an everyday killer that will slowly result in dull, brittle, split ends. This can spark from using hairdryers in a hot setting, so make sure you switch to cold. To avoid damage from your curlers, experiment with different natural curling styles. My personal favourite is a dutch braid straight after the shower when your hair is still damp – you’ll have the bounciest curls ever when you take it out. 


Another essential is the hair mask. I was told once by a salon-professional that it is a must you use a hair mask at least every month; it rejuvenates and nourishes your locks, as hair masks go deep into the hair fibres to replenish moisture and keep hair looking fuller. I recommend the Give Me Argon and Coconut Oil mask, at just £15, it offers deep conditioning and will moisturise and revitalise your hair. 


Often, people don’t realise the importance of nail care – but it is just as important as your hair. We’ve put together some tips below for you to follow to keep your nail-care in check! 


Strengthening your nails is the key to strong, healthy nails that don’t break. First things first: avoid biting! Tempting, I know, as an ex-nail biter myself. However, my nails are no longer weak and are much longer now as a result of cutting out the awful habit. A product that changed my life and transformed my nail-care routine has to be the OPI Natural Nail Strengthener. Setting you back by only £10.70, this miracle formula promises to aid in the growth of your natural nails by adding layers of protection to your natural nails – this treatment is effective at restoring your nails to their natural, healthy state. 


Always have a file on hand. Filing your nails is essential for keeping nails healthy and smooth – having your nails at a uniform length will always keep them looking fresh. Nails also serve as a home for germs and bacteria, gross, right? Filing your nails will minimise germs and can prevent the spread of infection to maintain healthy nails. 

Argan & Coconut Hair Mask



OPI Natural Nails Strengthener


Hopefully these tips have helped and can be added into your pamper routine to transform your nail and hair care – you won’t regret it.


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