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10 Jun

Top CBD Haircare Products

If you want stronger, healthier hair, CBD might be the way to go. It’s fairly new to the beauty scene but as far as natural products go, it’s already earning its place at the top.  

CBD is packed with fatty acids and antioxidants which are key to strengthening, repairing and protecting your hair from damaging free radicals. Not only that, but CBD also keeps your scalp nourished and healthy which promotes natural hair growth. You’ll be leaving lockdown with Rapunzel locks…  

CBD seemed to burst into the beauty industry out of nowhere and its popularity in products continues to rise. With more people looking for more natural alternatives with ingredients that benefit the body, many people have made the switch to CBD infused beauty products. That includes haircare… 

But first, what is CBD and why is it so good? 

CBD is cannabidiol – a hemp-derived compound. It’s an anti-inflammatory which means it works wonders on the skin to fix topical issues. CBD works against itching and irritation and skin problems such as acne, psoriasis and eczema have all been treated with the use of CBD topical products. 

This basically means healthy scalp, healthy hair growth. The CBD oil used in hair care products is made up of 21 amino acids that build collagen and elastin in your hair. These amino acids work to repair damaged hair by rebuilding the proteins, whilst the antioxidants in CBD also prevent damage to hair from free radicals in the environment.  

CBD is also packed with fatty acids (which our bodies can’t produce) such as omega 3, 6 and 9. Fatty acids promote hair growth and work to deliver the same benefits as other hair oils, such as argan oil. But due to its popularity, there are hundreds of products on the market which claim to contain CBD. This makes it more difficult to work out which is best for you.  

There’s also a lot of misinformation about CBD and just because the packaging has a cannabis leaf on the front, it doesn’t mean it actually contains the CBD which is going to help you. (These products might still contain the nourishing oils but if you’re buying it for the benefits of CBD, you won’t be getting any.) 

Here are the top CBD haircare products you need to try that will soon take over your haircare routine: 
  1. Emera Nourishing CBD Shampoo and Conditioner

A shampoo that not only contains CBD oil but also a blend of hemp seed oil, avocado oil, green tea and chamomile. So basically a bottle of nourishing antioxidants and fatty acids to keep your hair super healthy (and shiny too!). 


  1. CBD Asylum CBD Conditioner

A blend of the highest quality CBD, natural botanicals and essential oils. This conditioner is gentle enough to use every day to protect hair whilst giving it the perfect shine. 


  1. Nopcoils CBD Hair and Body Oil 

The Nopcolis hair and body oil is more than just a hair oil. It’s the perfect solution to help you unwind after a long day. It contains CBD blended with other nourishing oils to strengthen and protect the hair and skin. 


  1. CBD Armour – Ultimate Hair Oil Nourish & Regenerate 

If you’re wanting to replenish and repair your hair then this is the product for you. It protects and conditions the hair whilst also nourishing the root, encouraging hair growth.  


  1. Emera Nourishing CBD Scalp Therapy

Emera’s signature product, Emera Nourishing CBD Scalp Therapy calms and nourishes the scalp, reducing irritation and conditioning. A healthy scalp promotes healthy hair growth so a Scalp Therapy product can help in the restoration and protection of your hair. 


  1. Malin& Goetz Hair Pomade 

CBD protection doesn’t have to stop when you leave the shower. The Malin & Goetz hair pomade is a styling product which works to hydrate the hair and protect the scalp. It contains a bunch of natural ingredients including cannabis Sativa seed, aloe plant extract and meadowfoam seed to keep the hair and scalp protected from free radical damage whilst also firmly holding the style in place. 

Karen Faulkner

By day I’m a full-time civil servant with two degrees. By night I’m a blogger for the beauty, fashion and lifestyle niche. The rest of the time (when I’m not being distracted by my Cockapoo, Luna) I’m shopping, obsessing over skincare and beauty products, or daydreaming about my next travel adventure in the sun.

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