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Top 4 Products To Save Damaged Hair

You can damage your hair many different ways: dyeing it, bleaching it, adding a lot of heat (I’m guilty of this one) and many more. It’s very easy to damage our hair and it can be really difficult to repair the damage if you don’t know the right products to use. This is where I can help by sharing my top 4 products to help you save your damaged hair!

If you are into your haircare then I’m sure you have heard of Moroccanoil. They are leaders in the industry for making hair damage repair products that actually work, with their miracle ingredient Argan Oil. Argan Oil helps to moisturise the hair because it is full of fatty acids and rich in vitamin E, which helps to prevent dryness and reduce frizziness. The Moroccanoil Original Treatment is a rich nourishing oil that helps to restore the hair back to its best condition, and it reverses heat damage from the sun and appliances. Apply 1-2 pumps of this oil on damp hair from the middle to ends. You can also use a small amount of this oil on dry hair to tame flyaways and smooth the ends of your hair. 

Olaplex is another amazing brand with award winning products designed to help fix damaged hair. This product does exactly what it says on the bottle. It’s an intensive deep conditioning mask that helps to strengthen fragile ends caused by heat and chemical damage. This product uses the brand’s famous bond building technology to repair all types of damage and it will leave the hair looking and feeling a lot healthier. Apply 2-4 pumps of this mask onto clean, damp hair from the mid-section to the ends, leave on for around 10 minutes, rinse and then enjoy your gorgeous looking healthy hair.

One of the main signs that your hair is damaged is dryness. When your hair is dry it will look and feel damaged, so you need to add as much moisture as you can to get your hair feeling healthy again. This conditioning spray is a great product to introduce into your hair care routine because it’s super affordable and works like a treat. This conditioning spray helps to quench your hair’s thirst by deeply conditioning parched hair. It contains Australian Macadamia Nut Oil to control frizzy hair by coating it in fatty acids and vitamins that help to return the hair back to its normal structure and leave the hair feeling visibly healthier. 

If you’re not already using a nourishing conditioner for your damaged hair then you need to start now! I would start with this nourishing conditioner from Kiehls. This conditioner is enriched with olive fruit and avocado oils that help to nourish hair, leaving it with a shiny and healthy appearance. This conditioner is perfect to use on hair that is undernourished and dry because it uses its lightweight formula to easily rinse and helps to promote shiny hair. Another benefit of using this conditioner is that it also works as a detangle spray and improves the hair’s manageability. This is perfect for people with damaged hair because you don’t want to further damage your hair by overbrushing it.


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