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Time To Get Into Microbiome-Based Skincare with Sorted Skin

Sorted Skin is a newly launched skincare company and is a hybrid between beauty and pharmacy. This all-new microbiome-based skincare brand has formulated all its products to nourish, protect and soothe problematic skin.  

Only the purest prebiotic, plant-based ingredients are used to make each product from the Sorted Skin skincare collection.  

The leading question is, what is a microbiome? A microbiome can be found in the skin, mouth, digestive/gastro and genital areas. These are called microorganisms, which we know better as fungi, bacteria and viruses.  

The collection of products from Sorted Skin includes: 

Skin 5-in-1 Anti-Redness Day Cream

The 5-in 1 Anti-Redness Day Cream is a versatile, instant solution to the appearance of red, sensitive skin that also deals with the underlying causes. Moreover, green microcapsules and natural coloured pigment instantly neutralise and conceal redness caused by rosacea, couperose, blemishes and spots.  

The prebiotic formula also prevents flare-ups and supports long-term skin health, while naturally active ingredients soothe irritation and itching often associated with redness and sensitivity. Meanwhile, natural blue light filters help to reduce inflammation caused by digital light exposure and a broad spectrum SPF50 protects the skin from UV rays.  

The skin can expect to see results from the use of pro vitamin b5, shea butter, grape seed oil, and Indian ginseng to name just a handful of natural ingredients within this day cream. 

5-in1 Anti-Redness Day Cream is priced at £29.99 (30ml) 


Skin Intensive Rescue Range

The Rescue Range is a triple-action trio comprising Intensive Rescue Spray, Intensive Rescue Face Lotion, and Intensive Rescue Moisturiser.  

Intensive Rescue Spray is a nourishing treatment that breaks the itch-scratch cycle on contact. Intensive Rescue Face Lotion is for dehydrated and sensitive skin. Intensive Rescue Moisturiser targets extremely dry and damaged skin on the body.  

The range delivers moisture-locking technology to rejuvenate, rebalance and restore skin, whilst strengthening its microbiome for long-term protection. Wonder ingredients of anti-irritant oat extract, ceramide-rich jojoba, aloe vera, omega-rich sea buckthorn, pentavitin and detoxifying zeolite are included within the formulas. 

Intensive Rescue Spray (100ml) is priced at £17.99. Intensive Rescue Face Lotion is priced at £14.99 (50ml). Intensive Rescue Moisturiser is priced at £17.99 (100ml). 


Skin Intimate Hygiene Wash and Spray

Both of the Intimate Hygiene products are designed for all genders, they effectively relieve itching, soreness and discomfort in the groin and intimate area.  

The Intimate Hygiene Spray offers instant cooling and soothing relief with natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to fight against Candida. The supporting Intimate Hygiene Wash provides daily maintenance, with ongoing relief from dryness, discomfort and irritation.  

Rich in Vitamin E and lactic acid, the products are packed with plant extracts such as clove oil, rosehip oil and peppermint that help to promote long term comfort and create an ideal pH balance for the intimate area.  

Furthermore, if you are looking for specific products for children, the team at Sorted Skin are aiming to launch a brand new problem skincare range for children, so keep an eye out in the coming months. 

Intimate Hygiene Spray is priced at £12.99 (50ml). Intimate Hygiene Wash is priced at £10.99 (200ml). 


Visit Sorted Skin for product info and to order online. https://sortedskin.com


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