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The Magic of a Cleansing Balm

There are certain pivotal moments in your skincare routine which can be complete game-changers to your complexion. From making sure to properly remove your makeup each night to remembering to use SPF 30 every day, all of these moments are commitments that you make to your skin. Well, it’s time for another one!  

Throw away those dastardly makeup wipes, and discover the magic of a cleansing balm. There’s a reason that every celebrity is using one, and the benefits of them aren’t purely superficial. Cleansing balms are far less damaging to the environment than makeup wipes, and more economical too. While a 100ml pot of cleansing balm may cost more than a packet of makeup wipes, it will last far longer. What’s more, you use a cleansing balm alongside a normal muslin cloth, which you simply wash and reuse rather than creating more waste.   

Cleansing balms also incorporate removing your makeup and cleansing your skin into one step, which ultimately saves you the cost of purchasing a cleanser at all. While makeup wipes essentially move the makeup around your face, only partially cleansing your skin, a makeup balm is oil-based and will melt the makeup off of your skin gently and thoroughly. With a makeup wipe, you tend to pull your face in different directions, tugging at your eyelids to remove that last clump of waterproof mascara. All of these movements age you and diminish the quality of your skin. By massaging a cleansing balm into your skin to remove your makeup, you’re supporting the contours of your face without irritating or damaging your skin in the process.  

Still not convinced? Put it to the test! Check out these star-studded cleansing balms that will be sure to transform your skincare routine.

Beloved and recommended by trusted skincare guru and Youtuber, Patricia Bright, it’s hard to compete with this flawless cleansing balm from Clinique. Retailing at £25.00, I use this cleansing balm almost every single day and each pot will last me around two months. That’s about 40 pence a day to cleanse and clean my skin with this gentle yet thorough product. Out of all the cleaning balms, this one has to be my favourite. You simply scoop a penny-sized amount of product into your fingertips, add a splash of water and watch it transform into a gorgeous creamy mixture that melts the makeup off your face and onto your muslin cloth.  

Perfect for those with drier skin who could use the extra nourishment!  

For those of you who love a little luxury, look no further than Elemis’s Pro-Collagen cleansing balm. This balm removes makeup in exactly the same way, but offers a few more benefits which may just tempt you. The added collagen supports the elasticity of your skin, helping it to spring back into shape after an exhausting day and is great for anti-aging. It also smells divine, and so will your cheeks!  

This balm is ideal for those looking to incorporate anti-wrinkle treatments into their skincare routine.  

For those of you searching for the perfect cleansing balm while battling oily, blemish prone skin, Drunk Elephant has you covered. The consistency of this balm is a little lighter, and generally becomes less oily as you wash your skin with it, so it won’t overwhelm your skin with moisture. It also comes with a Bamboo Booster exfoliant, which Drunk Elephant recommends that you add to your cleanser 1-2 times a week to aid the removal of dead skin cells. Even as somebody with dry skin, I found this extra step to be very refreshing and a great twist on a classic cleanser.  

The best cleansing balm for oily to combination skin, or anyone looking to combine an exfoliator with their cleanser. Nifty! 

When in doubt, The Body Shop never lets us down. For those of you with younger and more sensitive skin, this cleanser is the perfect place to start. A gentle cleanser infused with camomile for a non-irritating and soothing experience, this cleansing butter will remove makeup thoroughly while calming the skin and preventing irritation. Makeup wipes can be incredibly aggressive so it’s important to be gentle with our skin, particularly at an early age.  

This soothing balm is the best choice for younger, teenage skin with a sensitivity to eczema or acne break outs.  


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