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Spring Nail Art

From bold colours to new textures, we share our favourite spring nail art ideas and the latest nail art trends for 2021 to spice up your spring outfits.

There is no doubt that nail art has become a trend that everyone has found fascinating over the past couple of years and more specifically, during lockdown. Defined by different artistic interpretations, colours, textures and lengths, nail art has most definitely become the next way to “accessorise” your outfits and give you that extra boost of confidence.  

Here are the top nail art trends to compliment your spring outfits: 

Natural nails:

During the pandemic, we have all been excessively washing our hands and using hand sanitiser to protect ourselves from COVID-19. However, this causes our nails and hands to become over processed and dehydrated, causing them to crack and look dry. This “natural nail” trend is all about taking care of your hands and nails and giving them some very well deserved TLC. Clear, strengthening or nude polishes alongside some cuticle oil and thick, restorative hand cream are the key items for this trend. 

Boys wear pink:

We have been seeing more and more men diving into nail art themselves, with as much dedication and appreciation as women do, and we love it. With celebrities such as Machine Gun Kelly, Harry Styles, ASAP Rocky and Fedez setting the bar, men around the world have followed. Nail art like flames, cartoon characters or simply a well-done classic black polish have been seen everywhere. But the “male nail trend” for this spring is PINK! 

50 Shades of Green:

Green polish has been popular for the past few seasons and will carry on being just as popular. Military, mint, sage, earthy, neon and classic emerald are all shades of green that will be taking center stage on our nails this spring.

Pantone Yellow:

There isn’t a doubt that yellow is the colour of spring. Invigorating and kind, it fills us with hope and sets the tone for the summer to come. That’s why this spring, pair up your cute yellow sandals or your trusty yellow cardi with matching nails! Shades of pastel to bolder pantone yellows will be soaring all the way through to the end of summer. 

Metallic accents:

While simplicity is receiving a warm embrace, pops of metallic have been creeping into our “minimalistic” aesthetics. This nail trend fuses that classic simplistic colour with golden accents, giving it a bold and daring appearance.  

Graphic minimalism:

Graphic nails have been taking over our Instagram and Pinterest for the last couple of months. With designs including negative space and the use of colour-blocking, there is more and more interest in this trend. Especially for spring, bright colours with these designs will definitely make you stand out. 


Mismatched nails have been popular for quite some time but there are so many more options available now beyond having a different colour on each nail. Different hues of the same colour, checkboard art (using alternating colours and different colours on each nail) and even having 3D textures are some of the options for the mismatched nail trends this spring. This trend allows you to be creative, so take advantage of it! 

Reinventing the French Manicure:

French manicures have been making a comeback. Nonetheless, this is not your old-school classic, white tipp-ex nail tip type of manicure. They have been reinvented! With bolder colours being used as opposed to white and even layering different stripes on top of each other, the French manicure has transformed to adapt to our creative ways of 2021. We welcome it with open arms into our spring trends.  


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