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Spring Cleaning: Beauty Clutter Edition

We explain how to declutter your makeup collection and beauty products. Clear up your beauty space in time for spring with these decluttering tips.

Spring cleaning is most commonly associated with giving our living spaces a total overhaul. Whether it be lining the walls with a fresh coat of paint, uploading half our wardrobe to Depop or finally hoovering under the bed.  

But how many of us remember to clear out our makeup and beauty product collection? Weve all got lip balms hiding in the crevices of our handbags and nail varnishes older than we care to think about 

This spring, make it your priority to de-clutter your beauty products and makeup collection, as well as your bedroom. This article will cover where to startwhat to look for, how to find the life span of your products and where to go if youre wanting a fresh start.

Where to start

Tackling the ever-growing make up stash can be overwhelming, so dedicate a whole day or afternoon to focus on it and start small. Lay out all of your products on your floor or bed and ask yourself the last time you really used it. Then, check if it has dried up or run out. Make three separate piles: keep, chuck and donate. 

Keep the products you use or know you will use and chuck away anything that has seen better days. You can donate any unused and unwanted makeup to womens shelters. Some supermarkets even have recycling boxes for pre-loved items. The organisation Beauty Banks accepts anything from shampoos to body lotions to lipsticks, providing those in poverty or who are less fortunate with dignity and confidence. 

If youre into natural makeup and you know youre never going to use that sparkly blue eyeliner, shift it! Not only will sorting out your makeup collection make you feel more organised and clear your mind, but someone could also benefit from what you dont need.

It still smells OK...

It might still look and smell ok, but did you know that our cosmetics have shelf lives just like our food? Make up that has exceeded its expiration date can wreak havoc on your skin and cause serious irritation. Take a look at your moisturiser or foundation. There should be a symbol on the rear label that looks like an open pot with a number written inside, like 6M or 18M. 

This refers to the number of months a product can last after its been opened. So, if its 18M then its good to go for a year and a half. This varies between items, but mascara tends to have the shortest life span of them all and one you should consider replacing more regularly. Expired products can cause nasty reactions with sensitive eye tissue. 

So, make sure you add anything to the chuck” pile that has outstayed its welcome. 

Don't forget the brushes

We all DREAD cleaning our makeup brushes but if youve been putting it off, now is the time! 

Run a sink full of warm water and using baby shampoo or non-perfumed soap, swirl the brushes against a hard surface to remove the product build up and leave to dry in an airing cupboard or on the windowsill.  

For sponges, place in a mug of warm water and microwave for 60 seconds. It may sound unusual but its pretty effective at unclogging them. 

Alternatively, treat yourself to a new set! Morphe and Spectrum brushes are two of the most tried and tested brands on the market, with Real Techniques, Laruce and Zoeva proving popular too. Keep an eye out for discount codes.  

Time for a fresh start

Now that youve decided whats staying, its time to invest in some storage. 

Luckily, Amazon and Etsy have a variety of different options, catering to a whole host of sizes, budgets and styles. 

Acrylic organisers and drawers are perfect for your palettes, with everything laid out right in front of you. While plant pots and pretty cups serve as great homes for your brushes. 

If you havent considered it before, a solid storage system will bring some order to your life, and you dont have to sacrifice stylishness for practicality.  

or perhaps youre looking for a new skincare routine? Luckily, weve got that covered here. 


Happy Spring Cleaning! 


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