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11 Sep

Silk Pillowcases: Should You Make The Switch?

We all know that sleep has huge benefits when it comes to health, ageing and beautiful skin. But can something as simple as a pillow case really make your skin and hair healthier?  

Silk pillow cases are one of the latest beauty finds to hit the market, but are they worth the more expensive price tag or should you stick with your cotton bedsheets? 

It turns out that silk pillowcases should actually be on your Christmas Wishlist this year and here’s why… 

They May Prevent Breakouts 

Cotton has a much higher absorption rate than silk, which means it absorbs moisture from your skin whilst you’re sleeping. If you have dry skin, cotton pillow cases are only helping in keeping your skin dry. 

It’s not only water they absorb; Cotton also soaks up the natural oils and bacteria from your skin, and in a nice cosy bedroom, bacteria can multiply… meaning every night you’re lying on a pillow full of bacteria… which can cause spots. Plus, a pillow case that soaks up moisture can also soak up those expensive serums off your face. 

They May Prevent Wrinkles 

A pillow case has anti-wrinkle benefits? Let me explain… Cotton has a high level of friction, which means skin and hair drag across it when you’re wriggling around in your sleep. This can cause ‘creases’, which can be gradually be embedded into your skin, making your skin look much more wrinkled and old than it is.  

Silk pillowcases on the other hand have much less frictionmeaning your skin and hair glides over it, rather than tugs. The silk pillowcase is overall much more gentle on the skin and won’t leave any creases on the skin, no matter how you choose to sleep.  

No More Bed Head 

Silk removes the resistance between hair and the pillow, so less tugging, less broken hairs and less waking up with a bed head.  

Not only this, silk can help control sebum production. Lower levels of sebum produced = less greasy looking hair. But… as silk doesn’t absorb as much moisture, it also doesn’t leave hair feeling dry and brittle. 

Less Sweating 

Silk is much more breathable than cotton, so whilst you’re sleeping the silk pillowcases can reduce sweating, reduce oily hair and also reduce sebum production on the skin. Win, win, win. 

If you decide to take the switch to a silk pillowcase make sure to choose one with a high mm (the fabric weight) of at least 22+. If you can’t afford or decide not to buy silk pillows, you can always opt for faux silk – these still protect the hair from breaking. 

So, are you convinced? I know I am… 
Karen Faulkner

By day I’m a full-time civil servant with two degrees. By night I’m a blogger for the beauty, fashion and lifestyle niche. The rest of the time (when I’m not being distracted by my Cockapoo, Luna) I’m shopping, obsessing over skincare and beauty products, or daydreaming about my next travel adventure in the sun.

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