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Semi-Permanent Makeup

So, trends come and go but semi-permanent makeup is here to stay – literally. Vogue has had it on its radar since 2018 and has claimed it to be the next big thing that lets you ‘kiss lengthy make-up routines goodbye’. The term semi-permanent makeup or SPMU, covers a wide range of cosmetic treatments that are waterproof, bullet proof and fool proof. What started with microblading has now become a catalogue of semi-permanent enhancements that will change your makeup game and save you bags of time. With Summer is around the corner, if you fancy a low maintenance treatment to add to your holiday prep list, SPMU might be your new best friend. 

So, what is it?



Microblading is the process of embedding skin safe pigment with a blade under the skin to mimic natural eyebrow hair. It is dissimilar to a tattoo as the pigment sits closer to the surface of the skin (meaning the treatment is semi-permanent) as well as the application of a topical numbing cream.  

Microblading is probably the form of SPMU that you’re most familiar with. Despite gaining popularity in 2010 in the modern Western style that we know, it’s still as popular as ever and clean, subtle brows can be achieved with no effort in the mornings! 


A lip blush is a lipstick alternative. Pigment is applied into the skin, usually with a darker tone surrounding the outer edge, that mimics a blushed or flushed lip allowing a natural result. A topical numbing cream is also applied to minimise pain. 

With lip blush, you can be as bare or as bold as you like – your artist can colour match your natural lip colour and give you a subtle enhancement or go for something striking and bright. After an initial top up 4-6 weeks after the first appointment, your blush can last up to two years.  


The faux freckle look is created by an artist using a single needle to hand poke the skin or a by using a rotary machine similar to lip blush. Numbing cream is also used for this procedure so pain is minimal, meaning the reality of a face tattoo is far less scary than it sounds! 

Since light and fresh makeup is trending again, you can enhance your natural features (or create them from scratch!) with a treatment such as faux freckles. They can be completely customisable and can give you a sunless, sun kissed look. Many artists can curate freckle patterns with a hidden meaning that are positioned around constellations or by using symbols like hearts in the design. Your skin really is a canvas for you to play around with! 


Despite initially setting you back a few hundred pounds; semi-permanent makeup allows you to gloss n go and feel fresh faced whilst still feeling your best. Going makeup free does wonders for your skin and procedure like the above are perfect if you’re wanting to stop wasting makeup when WFH! Semi-permanent procedures like these have come a long way since we first heard of them, so research artists near you for a consultation if you fancy a fuss free morning routine! 


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