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29 Dec

Products to Boost your Winter Skincare Routine

With the Winter season amongst us, we are starting to feel festive. However, tis the season for our skin to see some harsh changes… With the temperature drops and the indoor heating, we have the ultimate combination for dehydrated skin, increased sensitivity and itchiness and dull skin (which is something we would like to avoid during the festive season). So, we are bringing you the ultimate must-have products this Winter, alongside a guide on how to help boost that skincare routine and ensure that our skin looks smooth and glowing during the colder months.  

Cleanse Away  

Chuck that foaming cleanser away and start to focus on ‘hydrating’ cleansers. During the winter season the production of sebum and oils in your skin decreases, so you really have to ensure that you are not drying it out by using a harsh cleanser. Gel cleansers, balmsoil and milk cleansers are your go to. Ideally any fragrance-free products are the best of the range if you have extremely sensitive skin, as the fragrance can affect the protective skin barrier.  

Serum Sensation 

We all want plump and glowing skin all year round and that’s where serum steps in. For those who already use a serum, you will know how amazing your skin feels when you layer the product and how effective a good serum can be to skin that feels dull and dark. This step should always come after your toner and before your moisturiser to maximise the effects of the product 

Moisture Master 

Moisturiser is king. None the less, we can all up our game with an overnight moisturising mask. A moisturising mask can be used by itself or over your night cream, locking in the moisture from the products that you layer on previously. This helps product absorb into the skin and gives you a plump and radiating appearance the next morning, also preventing water loss (especially if you sleep with the heating on!) 

Oil So Lovely 

Oil is a life saver. Many people are under the assumption that using oils can make your skin look oily and greasy. On the contrary, it really helps stimulate the hydration in the skin and lock moisture to keep the skin silky smooth. You can use oil directly on your skin after cleansing or adding a couple of drops to your day / night moisturiser to help boost that hydration. 

Body and Beyond 

We might be giving some serious loving to our face and décolletage this winter; however, the rest of our body will need some care too, especially after being under copious amounts of warm clothing and exposed to the cold weather. Layering rich and hydrating products on your body, lips, hands and feet can help prevent the annoying flaky skin, chapped lips and overall dry skin that we all seem to encounter during cold weather.  

All the products listed have been in top-rated lists for 2020 and I have had a few personal ‘musthaves’ for a couple of months / years and truly recommend them 

This winter lets show some love to our friends and family and also to ourselves.  
Ximena Guijarro

Bold, Opinionated and Clumsy are probably some of the words that describe me best. As a young adult I am still learning and growing by meeting new, extravagant and enchanting individuals who are shaping my life in bigger and better ways. I have an undying passion for everything fashion and I am an immense supporter of making sure we develop more sustainable tendencies to protect our planet!

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