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New Years Beauty Resolutions

2020 is finally over and the new year has just begun, meaning it is time for a new range of New Year’s Resolutions but with a little beauty twist. I’m sure we all have bad beauty habits that we want to quit and I’m going to share mine with you all today. 

Only buying new makeup when I run out 

I will put my hands up and admit that I am a makeup hoarder and I do sometimes buy makeup when I don’t necessarily need to. 2021 is a year of saving for me and I want to be a little more conscious of my purchases so making sure I only buy makeup if and when I need it is a good start. For this resolution it doesn’t mean I’m going to stop buying makeup completely I don’t think I could handle that but it does mean that I will try to use up all of the product that I’m currently using such as a foundation and I won’t repurchase another one until that one is finished. 

Make my routines Cruelty Free 

Over the last year, I have tried to research a lot more about what goes into making beauty products cruelty free and it is something that I think we should all be aware of. There are brands that I have been using for a long time that I didn’t realise weren’t cruelty free and in the upcoming year, my plan is to try and swap these for better options. Luckily loads more amazing brands are becoming cruelty-free so I don’t need to give up any of my favourites. I really think that all brands should take steps to become more ethical. 

Here are some cruelty-free brand options: 

  • Lush 
  • Bare Minerals  
  • Glossier  
  • By Beauty Bay 
  • Revolution  
  • E.L.F 

Shop the brands…

Lush Melusine Bath Bomb


Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Moisturiser


Glossier Boy Brow


By BEAUTY BAY Fiery 16 Colour Palette


Revolution Neutrals Blushed Satin Matte Lipstick. Tease


E.L.F Hello Hydration! Face Cream


Stick to a skincare routine  

I am very guilty of not sticking to a skincare routine for long and then I wonder why I haven’t got perfectly clear skin. I like to try new things and swap and change things from my routine but in the upcoming year, I am wanting to find and stick to one skincare routine for a number of weeks so I know if the products truly work for my skin or not. For skincaresome products can take a few weeks or even months for them to make a difference in the skin so it’s important to give them time to actually work before giving up and moving on. This resolution will also help me to not buy new products until I’ve finished up the ones I’ve started and hopefully it will keep my makeup and skincare buying down. 

Wash my makeup brushes more often 

I don’t even want to admit how often I wash my brushes because it’s not too good but I will say that it definitely needs to happen more often. Washing your brushes is super important because it can impact how your makeup looks when its applied and the brushes can also hold in bacteria which can cause bad skin. For your brushes to be super clean I think you should really be washing them after every use but I know were not going to do that so I think as a compromise I will make sure I thoroughly wash my brushes every week, I’m going to add this onto my calendar for 2021 so I never forget (let’s see how long I stick to this). 

Go through all my makeup and throw away expired products 

I am a makeup collector; I love collecting different palettes and lipstick shades so my collection may be a little excessive but I’m betting a lot of the products that I don’t actually use are probably expired. With products like liquid foundation, mascara or lip products it is best to stick within the expiry date because they can also be products that collect bacteria. On the back or bottom of your product, you will see a little image of an open tub and it will have a number in it, this is how long you should keep makeup products once they are open, for example, foundations should only be used for 3 -6 months after opening. I am definitely going to find it hard decluttering my makeup but that always means that there’s space for new products. 

2020 was a hard year for everyone and I’m wanting to start it off right and with a bit of positivity. Sticking to these resolutions will probably be hard but also very rewarding. 


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