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5 Nov

Luxury Organic Skincare with L’ABU

Working in the beauty industry has its fair few perks, one being trialling and testing new under the radar beauty brands before they blow up the ‘skindie’ world. L’ABU Skin was one of these.  

L’ABU is a new affordable luxury skincare brand, launched by mother daughter duo Netta and Hayley. The products can be fully trusted due to the pair’s experience in the skincare industry, opening their first skin clinic in 2017, where they specialised in self-regenerating treatments for lifting and tightening.  

After much research into what their clients look for in skincare, they decided to launch L’ABUTheir very own brand of Salon Grade, uncomplicated skincare. Netta and Hayley have full control over the production of their range, working closely with chemistto create formulations that benefit the skin. Their USP is curating an uncomplicated skincare range for everyone, which is easy to understand and easy to use. “We don’t make any claims other than what our customer are saying, the range is Salon grade intensified, to give a premium quality product at affordable prices– Founders, Hayley and Netta.  

Despite turning 21 this year, I was fortunate to explore L’ABU’s powerful and organic anti-ageing collection. I’ve officially entered the youthful spectrum of skincare and I’m not looking back! 


The product I was most eager to slather on my skin was the Oat Milk Face Cleanser. Oat is a natural ingredient popping up in many new beauty products, but it’s not just a trend. This Japanese favourite soothes, calms and comforts the skin, making it ideal for autumn/winter when skin can feel tight and dry 

This cream-based cleanser contains both oat and rice milk, ideal for irritable skin typesOrganic coconut, avocado and grape seed oils retain skin’s PH balance, promoting clear and toned results. This cleanser works brilliantly to remove make-up and daily grimeleaving skin super soft and glowyAfter using regularly both day and night, my skin appears and feels much smoother. L’ABU Oat Cleanser is a no-nonsense option for all skin types, and I can’t stop reaching for it in my skincare routine! 


A new skincare ingredient for me was Retinol- the crème de la crème of skincare. I was apprehensive to give this a go after researching the severe side effects retinol can leave on your skin. The rule of thumb is to use twice a week if you’re in your 20’s, x3 a week if you’re in your 30’s and x4 a week if you’re in your 40’s, etc. For me using twice a week has built up an intolerance and I haven’t experienced any extreme hiccups with my skin (phewww). By using retinol now (in my early 20’s), my skin will reap the rewards, but it’s by no means an essential step until you’re a lot older than I am! 

Designed to refine dark circles, skin tone and clarity, this complex oil feels super luxurious, like it’s really giving your skin a treat. Its unique formula of botanical ingredients encourages cell renewal and retains collagen and elastin, which diminish as our skin ages. Of course, in true L’ABU style, ingredients are bioactive and natural- olive squalene, turmeric root extract, rosehip and grapeseed oil.  What I particularly love about thRetinol Complex Oil is the luminosity it brings to my skin. 


The Skin Brightening Serum is a gorgeous plumping product which gives skin that extra boost of hydration it needs. The consistency is light and refreshing, sinking into the skin without leaving a greasy residueAlthough this product is aimed at reducing fine lines and wrinkles, it leaves a visible brightening effect. The AHA fruit acids gentle resurface the skin improving imperfections, pigment, skin tone and clarity. Key ingredients of aloe vera, cucumber and green tea extract, make this a refreshing product to use day and night.  


The L’ABU Collagen Boosting Moisturiser has been a joy to incorporate into my daily skin regime; I struggle to find a moisturiser that doesn’t clog my pores and leave pesky milia behind and this one gets a thumbs up from me! It feels clean and simple while actively moisturising and enhancing my complexion. Initially, I thought the treatment may be too much for my youthful skin, with its aim of minimising fine lines and wrinkles, boosting skin clarity and brightening dull skin. However, the formula is perfect for the colder months when I want a more nourishing treatment. Orange essential oil has helped to clear my clogged pores, while vitamins A and E have helped to soothe my breakout prone skin. The antioxidants within the formula are an added layer of protection, exactly what my skin needs as the seasons change.  

It’s safe to say Netta and Hayley’s passion for making people look and feel like the best version of themselves shines through in this product range.  

Shop the full L’ABU skin collection here! 

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