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Laura Pearson: Top Beauty Picks I'm Loving

The beauty world has been awash with new launches recently. These are the best of the bunch – the ones you need to add to your shopping list for the summer months ahead. Some are new releases and some are simply new discoveries for me. From hydrating skincare to makeup that will give you a beautiful flush of colour.

Biossance  Squalane & Copper Peptide Serum - £52 

Brand new from Biossance, delightfully light and thin serum is cooling to apply and gives your skin a serious dose of moisture. It’s literally a drink for your skin. A hydrating trio of hyaluronic acid, squalane and polyglutamic acid draws moisture to the skin, plumps it with hydration and keeps that moisture locked in. The copper peptides support collagen and elastin production, giving your skin a longer-lasting plumpness. A no-frills hydrator that everyone should have a bottle of! 


Dermalogica Hyaluronic Ceramide Mist - £42

It might not seem difficult to create an amazing mist, but it’s a lot easier to get wrong than you might think. This new one from Dermalogica ticks all the boxes, from an excellent spray strength and range, to an amazing hydrating and skin soothing formula. The bottle is huge too, giving you a lot of mist for your money. This one contains hydrating Hyaluronic Acid as well as ceramides to strengthen the skin barrier, to keep that moisture trapped in the skin where you need it. Another no-frills winner! 


Saturday Skin Yuzu Vitamin C Sleep Mask - £25

This is a new discovery for me and I fell in love after just one night. It has a dreamy jelly texture that feels so refreshing to apply. You add it on as the last stage in your evening skincare routine & you’ll wake up lamenting the fact you didn’t meet it earlier. Its star ingredient is the yuzu fruit, which contains 3 times more vitamin C than any other citrus. It works overnight and will transform your skin by morning. Moisturising and softening, boosting your skin barrier, smoothing the surface & dialling up that radiance. 


Eyebrow Queen Brow Fix - £25

This is one of those ‘Marmite’ products where you’ll either love it or hate it. For me, I like my brows laminated so it’s essential that a brow product can keep those hair firmly brushed up and in place all day. This does that, but it also makes your brow hairs feel very crunchy and dry; which a lot of people hate. Those hairs aren’t going to move a muscle with this brushed through them and they won’t look ‘crispy’ either. So, if you don’t mind the feeling, definitely give this a go for turbo-powered hold. 


Ciate Dewy Blush - £19

Summer is all about cream products and a dewy finish. This gel blush gives your cheeks a natural flush of colour without the dryness of a powder. This gives it a much more realistic finish and a longer-lasting stain. A youthful dew, if you will. Choose from several summer-inspired shades from bright fuschia to a delicate coral. 



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