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28 Jun

How To Keep your Skin Fresh

It’s a well-known fact that clear skin is elusive, troublesome and takes a lot of work. Whether you’re administering a time-consuming skincare ritual every morning and night or you’re covering any awkward spots with concealer and makeup, there’s no easy solution to having a fresh face. However, there’s a few things you can do to try and help clear up the underlying issues that cause spots and acne. Check out some of our fresh skin remedies and implement some long-term strategies to keep yourself glowing.

Chug, chug, chug!

It’s the general rule of life, and you probably already know that staying hydrated is super important. Drinking water helps your body naturally detox all the rubbish that it picks up in daily life. It can also clear toxins that build up in the skin. Plus, there’s plenty of people who say that drinking more water has given their skin a more radiant glow, making you look more naturally gorgeous than you already are. It’s a long-term fix rather than a short term one, but if you start drinking more water then you’ll probably start noticing a difference in a couple of weeks at least. And, if you don’t like water, try diluting cordial or juice into it or infusing your water with fruit to give it more flavour.

Start hangin’ around

This is a weird tip, but if you spend just three minutes a day upside down, your skin will start to develop a healthier, rosy-cheeked look all on its own. There’s an added bonus of getting volumized hair too. So, get down to the local children’s park and get on the monkey bars. Or, try dangling your head off the edge of your bed or sofa. For safety, we’d just suggest you take it easy after you’ve been hanging upside down; the blood rush to your head might cause a bit of dizziness, so make sure you get up slowly and take a few minutes to reacclimatise to your surroundings when you’re done.

Cleanse your cleanser

Confused? Don’t be, it’s simple. Cleansers and makeup removers are great for removing all the makeup you’re wearing throughout the day, but they leave excess oils and dirt that can’t be cleared away. Instead of leaving this to sit on your face forevermore, rinse it off with lukewarm water until your skin feels smooth and not slippery or soapy. Using water that’s too hot will dry out your skin, and cold water will close your pores, trapping dirt and causing a build-up.

No touching

Keep your hands off your face as much as you can. Your hands gather loads of bacteria based on day to day use, and they’re always handling things that collect germs, like your phone, laptop, handbag and office doors. When you keep touching your face, you transfer these germs to your facial skin and clog your pores, which leads to more spots and acne. So, keep your face and your hands clean, and stop fiddling with your facial piercings, fringe or anything else that’ll bring bacteria in contact with your face.

Eat right

Eating the right foods to keep your body healthy is important for more than just your everyday wellbeing. Keeping a fresh, healthy diet also reflects in your skin, so make sure your diet’s packed full of super greens and nuts. Healthy fats, foods high in vitamins C, D and E and anything with omega-3 all offer benefits that include keeping your skin clean and fresh. Stack your diet with these delicious foods and you’ll start to see a change not only in your skin but in your overall health.

There’s a whole heap of other tips and tricks out there, but just remember; nothing happens overnight when it comes to keeping skin clear. These tips are designed to keep your skin fresh long-term, so don’t keep panicking and stressing if your spots don’t instantly clear up. Just keep at it!
Katie Nicholls

Katie is a freelance content writer that specialises in blog articles, CV recreation and website copy. She has an English Language and Linguistics degree and experience across a variety of publications, and aims to help businesses and individuals stand out from the crowd with dazzling content. In her free time, she loves video gaming, music, writing fiction and riding her motorcycle.

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