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Jade Rollers - Myth or Magic?

Are there any cosmetic benefits to using a jade roller on your face and do they actually work? Read about our findings in our jade roller review! 

As we approach April Fool’s Day, I can’t help but think that most of us have felt as if we have been caught in a perpetual state of trickery over the past year spent in and out of lockdown. However, if there is one thing that the lockdown has given us, it is the time to reevaluate what our skin actually needs, and what it can do without.  

So I wanted to put to the test the controversial Jade Roller. The therapeutic feel of rolling this cool, calming tool across my face is undeniably relaxing. It’s easy to imagine that my bone structure is becoming increasingly contoured and sculpted with each and every movement. However, beyond the sensation that this tool creates when using it on the face, is there any actual cosmetic benefit to using a jade roller on your face, or is it just another way for the skincare industry to collect our coins? I did some research on the matter, and here is what I found.

Increased blood circulation

The main purpose of integrating a facial roller into your skincare routine is their ability to de-puff your skin and diminish the appearance of wrinkles. According to many beauty therapists, they can perform a range of tricks from decreasing dark circles under the eyes to reducing headaches. This is due to the fact that the action of rolling the tool in certain movements over your face improves lymphatic drainage, which can particularly help if you’re feeling unwell and you’re experiencing swollen lymph nodes, or just want to treat yourself to a facial massage. 

Healing and protective properties of jade

According to legend, this tool originated from 17th century China, and is typically made of jade or rose quartz. While the sensation of facial rolling in itself is soothing, beyond the structure of the tool, the actual material is supposedly very beneficial to have in your life. Both jade and rose quartz are believed to have healing properties for the soul as well as the skin, traditionally used to dissolve feelings of isolation, clear and purify the body, and to open up the heart chakra to achieve inner healing and peace. So, if the actual tool of a facial roller isn’t your thing, you might want to get your hands on some of these mineral stones to keep by your bed.

Alternative way to apply your products

One thing that we can’t deny is that it is a relaxing alternative option to apply your skincare products. In particular, the facial roller is excellent at applying a serum, as it is able to distribute it across your face in a way that will penetrate your skin deeply to achieve maximum hydration and thorough application.

They won’t solve your skin dilemmas

The main thing that I found when researching the facial roller was that dermatologists want to lower our expectations of what this tool can realistically achieve. Yes, it shows reasonable results of depuffing the skin and improving circulation, but it won’t perform miracles. For those looking to cure their miasma, eczema, or acne, this tool is not going to be the answer. By all means, everyone can use it as part of their skincare routine for the purpose of adding a little decadence to your regime, but don’t introduce it in the hope that it will transform your skin overnight. 

Transmission of bacteria

Another issue that dermatologists want you to be aware of is that this tool, like any applicator that you use on your skin, needs to be cleaned regularly. If not, it will quickly transform into a carrier of bacteria and dirt which will do the opposite of improving your skin. Look after your facial roller by cleaning it in hot water and a gentle soap, before wiping it clean, after every use.

A negative impact on the environment

The other thing that we can’t ignore is the undeniable fact that this tool is yet another non-essential item to spend upwards of £10.00 on, which will contribute to the production of unnecessary tools and equipment made in factories, leading to the rise of CO2 production. When your hands can function as perfectly effective carbon neutral applicators, do we really need a facial roller? 

The truth? It’s totally up to you on this one. While the actual purpose of this item is non-essential and purely luxurious, what beauty products aren’t? In my opinion, feel free to get your hands on a facial roller as long as you approach it for what it is; a simple tool to make your evening skincare routine a little more decadent. As long as you don’t expect it to perform any miracles, I don’t see any harm in indulging in a little self-care in the form of a facial roller.


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