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30 Nov

Is Microneedling Something For You?

For those of you who are curious about Microneedling, here is my personal experience. I was recently invited into Simply Clinics on London’s stylish Kings Road in Chelsea for a Dermapen Microneedling session. It was the first of 3 sessions that I have been recommended to have for the optimum results for my skin’s needs; I wanted to fade the faint red marks left from blemishes and to minimise the visible pores on my nose.

The benefits of Micro-Needling with the Dermapen include skin tightening, natural collagen production, and rejuvenation for those who feel like their skin is feeling less taut. It can improve wrinkles and fine lines for those who have noticed that they are starting to get a few fine lines around their mouth or around the eye area. Alternatively, it’s a great service for those who already have existing wrinkles they are looking to minimise these.

Micro-needling is known to improve the visibility of acne scars, which is why I was so curious to try this treatment in the first place and several weeks later, I can definitely see the benefits and how some red marks have faded quite considerably. If you are one who struggles with acne scars, this is a more effective and advanced alternative to microdermabrasion, which I’ve also had in the past. Whilst minimising large pores, improving hyper-pigmentation, improves the visibility of stretch marks, helps treat alopecia (when used in conjunction with a topical treatment) and aids penetration of active ingredients such as antioxidants, acids and retinol.

When I arrived at Simply Clinics, which is inside infamous hair salon Duck & Dry on the King’s Road, I was greeted warmly by Francesca the aesthetician who would be performing the treatment. She led me into the immaculate, minimalistic, all white treatment room and talked me through each step of the facial beforehand. It was a little uncomfortable (but bearable!) and the treatment left my skin a little pink for a few days after, so I was advised not to use any retinol or acids on the skin.

I found using the Ren Skincare Overnight Recovery Balm helped to calm and soothe my skin post-treatment, helping to alleviate redness or discomfort. As it’s just the first treatment, it may be a little too early to see the significant results yet, but my skin certainly does look “brighter”, the red marks are less noticeable and my complexion has a nice, natural radiance to it. I am super excited to see the results after my follow up sessions.

I would definitely recommend this treatment if you have any of the above skin issues and Simply Clinics salon for the professional , friendly service and the results so far.

Jo Freeman

Jo Freeman is a London based Beauty and Travel writer and celebrity makeup artist. Jo loves sharing her favourite beauty picks and travel destinations and is always up to date with all the latest skincare and beauty technology and newest luxury locations to visit. She is an influencer with a loyal following who love following her tips and advice.

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