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How To Maintain Blonde Hair

For years, I have continuously been to the hairdressers to dye my mousy brown, dark roots into creamy blonde tones. I have now been a fully-fledged blonde since being a teenager and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Over the years I have mixed it up and hit the bleach too hard, resulting in the 2015 version of me, looking slightly strange, with bright blonde hair that didn’t suit my skin tone. However, these things must be done! I now sit in the hairdresser’s chair, while I get my regular touch up of golden, honey highlights, with a few bright blonde tones thrown in for good measure! This is my perfect blonde, but the trick is how to maintain it?

Blonde, Blonde, Blonder?!

Whilst having a good hairdresser who knows exactly what they are doing is essential to maintaining a good colour, I have found over the years there are certain products which help to keep your hair looking fresh, in between trips to the salon. Having once had bleach blonde hair, I can safely say that the brighter blonde you go, especially on dark hair, the harder it is to maintain. It does require regular visits to the salon to regularly touch up those roots.   

However, if you want to maintain that bright blonde look, my favourite product is the Olaplex No 4-P Blonde Enhancing Shampoo. This shampoo really works! It acts as an all over toner, which allows you to customise how bright you want your blonde…the longer you leave it in, the blonder it is. However, having now more of a warmer blonde, I do have to be careful not to leave this shampoo in for too long, otherwise I can be left with some slightly grey looking pieces, which isn’t quite the look I was going for. At £26 this product is slightly on the more expensive side, but if you are looking to knock those brassy tones out and keep your blonde looking bright and fresh, this product is worth every penny! 

Additionally, another purple shampoo, which tones the hair to maintain a good blonde colour, is the John Frieda Violet Crush Shampoo. At £6 this is a really good alternative which you must leave on to soak for at least 5 minutes, especially on the ends and front pieces to really give that lift you need.  

Water Baby!

Recently, I have heard rumours of how the difference in hard or soft water can also make a huge impact on how your blonde stays in shape. I recently moved from Nottingham (soft) to London (hard) and found the change in water was really causing my blonde hair to look dull and tired. I was recommended Colour Wow’s Dream Filter and I honestly love it! It is a pre-shampoo mineral remover, which ensures any minerals from the water are removed to keep a bright, glossy finish to your hair, preserving all colour. Additionally, it has many other benefits, such as being sulphate-free and vegan. Again, this product is £26 but it really does do what it says on the bottle.  

Although, there are many great products out there that keep our blonde hair looking fresh, there is no better feeling than a head full of fresh blonde highlights, so on that noteto the salon!!! 


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