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5 May

How To Lighten Your Hair At Home

I’ve always been a blonde and one of the worst things about being light and bright is that sometimes, those blonde locks can go brassy after a while. On top of that, those mousey-brown roots of mine like to peep through a little too quickly.

When you can’t get to the salon, or are trying to reduce your salon spending, there’s only one option: lightening your hair at home. This is something I’ve always been fearful to do. I wince when I look back on my years as a teenager, misting my hair with Sun-In every other hair wash, and rocking blocky, overly bleached, parched-looking hair (if you don’t remember Sun-In, then you’re much younger than I!).
So listen up fellow blondies. If you’re looking for an easy hair update to subtly lighten your locks with at–home, fuss-free products, then read on…


For those who do remember Sun-In spray like myself, you’ll be pleased to know that the hair industry has gone a long way since then. A lot of the hair-lightening sprays out there today have a low hydrogen peroxide concentration, so you don’t have to worry about breaking and drying your hair out to the extreme. Obviously, it helps to reduce how often you use a lightening spray, as anything with peroxide can damage your hair.

A lightening spray is a great way to gradually go lighter with your blonde (or light brown hair, too) without putting much effort in and also without much risk. You can control how much you spritz onto damp hair before blow-drying.

Look for one which is recommended for your hair type and hair shade. You can spray all over your hair for a full-on, lighter look, or you can be more specific and mist onto the hair ends, or directly onto roots.


Giving yourself a head of highlights means you can achieve a multidimensional look, and freshly lightened strands avoid a blocky look. Most of these at home kits come with everything you need to properly do this at home, including latex gloves, a colour cream, a bottle of developer, an application brush and an intense conditioner to apply afterwards.

An at-home lightening kit should only be carried out if you are prepared to properly follow the instructions and carry out the safety side of the process. Always wear the latex gloves provided to keep any bleach stains or burns to a minimum – not to mention the mess!


This one is more for those who want to diminish those warm, brassy blonde tones which can appear around 4-6 weeks after your last salon treatment. By using intense purple products, they can transform the unwanted brassiness into a fresh, cooler tone.

Look for shampoo and conditioners from the same brand and use 1-2 times a week. Ideally, you would leave the purple shampoo on the hair for a little longer than your usual shampoo. Each brand has different recommendations, so always read the instructions and advise first.

To maintain the cool blonde result even longer, look at buying at-home toners to use too. These should be used roughly every 6-8 weeks to keep your blonde locks free from those brassy tones and any build-up of dullness.

Blonde hair image credit www.powderrooms.co.uk 
Emma Campbell
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