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How To Care For Thin Hair

All hair types are beautiful- curly, straight, thick or fine, the only thing that matters is how YOU feel about your own gorgeous locks. And although different hair types require different care, one thing that we all deserve is hair that makes us feel incredible. 

For those of us with thin/fine hair though, how can we care for it and most importantly, how can we feel our absolute best? 


Some people have had fine hair since birth and have just learnt the techniques to look after it throughout their lives. Others however, might have noticed that their hair has thinned over time. This could be down to age, environmental factors, stress and medical conditions. Many young women experience thinning hair due to hormonal imbalances and conditions such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. This sudden loss in hair density can be quite tough to navigate when you have been used to handling your hair in a certain way in the past.  


So whether you were blessed with fine hair at birth or are learning how to care for it a later on in life, here are some tips to help you make your hair shine, bounce and certainly have the compliments rolling in. 

Avoid Heavy Hair Products

 When your hair airs more on the fine side, products that promise volume and texture might seem like the Holy Grail, but in actual fact can be damaging for the density of your hair as they can often be rich and creamy, which in turn makes them heavy on your hair. You might then notice that your hair looks and feels flatter than ever before. So what gives? Well, one of the best hair care tips for fine hair is to actually avoid overly heavy products and those that promise mega volume. In the long run, they’re only only going to drag your beautiful hair down and waste your hard earned money on products that do nothing for you. Instead opt for products (shampoos, conditioners, creams…) that are targeted specifically for fine hair. Of course, actually using less hair and styling products in general can be more beneficial for your hair than you could imagine.  


Here are some of our favourite haircare products for thin hair: 

Color Wow Dream Cocktail – Carb Infused


Coco & Eve Super Hydrating

Shampoo and Conditioner Set


Use Conditioner Sparingly

Another hack for avoiding your hair being dragged down is to only apply conditioner to the ends of your hair, if your hair is dry in texture. Avoiding putting anything on the roots, means that your hair won’t be put under undue stress and only the areas that need that moisturising boost the most, will get it. If your hair however is mostly greasy, products on the roots are only going to exacerbate the thinness of your hair, so use that conditioner sparingly and where it is needed most. 

Get A Trim

It might seem like such a simple bit of advice, but getting your hair trimmed can work wonders for fine hair. Getting rid of those dead ends will breathe new life into your hair and give you that gorgeous bounce that will give you a real spring in your step. If you are not sure what to go for then ask your hairdresser for advice. Hairdressers are trained to understand different hair types and can give you the inspiration you never even considered before. That’s not to say you have to get rid of the length if you would rather keep your hair long either. A consultancy with your hairdresser can help you to decide whether some layers will give you extra volume or if there are any other looks that might suit both your hair type and your face shape. You never know until you ask, so don’t be shy to get their opinion.  


Of course if you are ready for the chop and want a change, then we’re here for it! Short or even mid-length hair looks incredible on people with fine hair. It’s also completely classic and always stylish. Whether you opt for a choppy bob or something even shorter- shorter hair styles are always flattering, plus they’re cool. With a shorter haircut, you’ll also be able to add in the illusion of volume. Again, don’t be afraid to ask your hairdresser what they recommend. Spring/Summer is the perfect time to experiment with your hair, so maybe now is the perfect time to embrace the bob or lob. 



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