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How to Achieve Salon Ready Hair At Home

Do you strive to achieve that salon hair all year round, not just every few weeks or months when you make the trip to the hair salon? I am by no means a professional, but I have mastered the art of making my hair look like I have been sat in the salon chair for 2+ hours! It may take a bit of time and practice, but there are some good products, tools and techniques you can use, which allows you to cheat to achieve the look you desire.  


I am constantly quizzed about how I can blow dry my own hair, to give that bouncy, glossy, fresh finish. My hair is naturally fine, lacklustre and can look straggly if I leave it to its own devices. It never looks good on its own! However, you can buy a few products and tools which help to give that gorgeous hair you want. 


I am a religious Olaplex user. I always use their shampoo and conditioner and buy their treatments when I feel my hair needs an extra bit of love. I bleach my hair to lift it from a mousy brown to a golden/honey blonde, so it needs all the moisture and love it can get. Additionally, after a while a few brassy/ginger tones can begin to show, so invest in a good purple shampoo to knock these out.  

Additionally, before using any heat on your hair I would always suggest using an oil, heat protector and volumizer spray or mouse. My favourites are the Olaplex oil and the Colour Wow Dream Coat. The oil gives my hair the added moisture and protection it needs, while the Dream Coat gives volume to my roots and makes sure my hair lasts.  



Now if you want to cheat a bouncy blow dry, a hot brush is what you need. I use the Remington Keratin Protect Hot Brush. This can be bought off Amazon at just over £26 so this really won’t break the bank. Make sure you let it warm up, so it is hot and then smooth over your hair strands and curl the ends forwards or backwards to help you achieve a blow-dry effect.  


The Dyson Air Wrap has stormed its way through social media, allowing everyone at home to achieve the perfect blow dry quickly and easily. With a range of different sized attachments, you can choose the perfect style which suits you. I also really love how on the Dyson website they give different tutorials for different hair looks, meaning you can follow along at home to achieve the look you want. However, at this tool is on the pricier side, so it would be an investment into your hair care.  


I also found these tips from asking different hair stylists. Everyone I have asked is always happy to help and will lend me their tips and tricks. So, for a more personal touch, ask your hairdresser about how they do your hair, they may be able to give more suitable advice for your hair type.  



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