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Hey Estrid - Revolutionising the Razor Game

Chances are you have heard and seen Estrid all over your Instagram and socials. With influencers and celebrities posting a constant stream of positive reviews about these razors, our team wanted to find out if they lived up to the hype! 

Estrid were kind enough to send some samples of their Starter Kits and cases to our office team and we couldn’t have been more excited to try them out! 

Image Source: Hey Estrid

BRAND COLLABORATION: Created in partnership with Estrid.


Before even trying out the products, we absolutely loved Estrid’s brand values and what they stand for. The brand exudes real girl power vibes, designed by women with women in mind. Estrid are not only producing an amazing product range but are also contributing towards improving societal and environmental issues such as fighting the pink tax and ensuring their razors are both vegan and cruelty free. 

'“Estrid is more than a razor. It’s a pink tax fighting, vegan, cruelty-free, steel razor for women, that comes in several spectacular shades. Who knew a razor could be so many things. It all started when we realized that 1 in 3 women choose to use men’s razors, which just didn’t feel right to us.” .'


The Starter Kit retails at £7.95 and includes a steel handle that feels so much sturdier and high-end than your average plastic disposable razor, a wall mount that can stick to either a shower or mirror to add a pop of colour to your bathroom, and 2 razor blades guaranteed to keep your shave smooth for up to 5-7 shaves per razor. Estrid offer a subscription service and will deliver four replacement blades for £9.95 as often as you want. They recommend ordering new cartridges once a month if you shave every day, every second month if you shave a few times a week, and every third month if you shave less frequently. 

The collection of razors come in 5 aesthetically pleasing colours: Cloud (grey), Space (purple), Peach (orange), Lemonade (yellow), and Bloom (pink). I selected Bloom, described as “the perfect baby pink shade that’s cute, cool, and confident”. This colour gave me 90’s pop princess, girl power feels, and I was here for it! 

“We donate 1% of all sales to Women for Women International, supporting their work with women affected by war.” .'


The main aspect of the razor that stood out was the smoothness of the shave. The strip above the razor uses aloe vera and vitamin E to moisturise and smooth the skin as you shave. The overall shaving experience felt super light and smooth, whilst still ensuring the razor blade gave a clean and close shave without any razor burn or cuts. 

The steel razor handle gives a high quality, sleek design and feels a lot heavier than a standard razor. I felt that the heaviness gave a sense of better control when shaving and was much sturdier than a disposable razor. The razor head is easy to pop on and off and is very flexible, making it easy to navigate the blade over curved areas such as armpits and ankles.  

I found the wall mount that came as part of the Starter Kit was so useful, the mount comes in the same colour as the razor handle and the two look so good together!  

Although I have recently seen people mixing and matching up different coloured razor handles and wall mounts on Instagram and it looks so cool! The mount is shaped in a small round groove, the perfect size for the razor, with a rubber sucker attachment on the back it will easily stick to either your shower or mirror which is ideal for someone like me who always forgets to take my razor in the shower when I need it! 

Finally, the rubber case that I was kindly sent alongside the Starter Kit is perfect for travelling around and is guaranteed to keep your razor in tip top condition! 


I love the aesthetics and ethos of the brand. Female owned, designed for women, working towards being 100% sustainable… what’s not to love!

The razor itself did live up to the high expectations I had after seeing it on the internet and I will continue to use this as a replacement for the disposable ones I have used religiously for years! Overall, I would give Estrid and the razor a 5/5 for performance, branding, and values. 


You can find all Estrid products including the Starter Kit here


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